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Homes For Diversity And Inclusivity Part 2: Hide Tall Buildings.

Princeton planning and zoning has had unintended exclusionary outcomes, making it hard for local middle-class workers to live in town, and incentivizing car-dependency and traffic. In this series, we explore options for adding more walkable housing in Princeton to enable diversity … Continue reading

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Is That A Good Deal? ‘Steps From Princeton University’

As part of an occasional series where we cast an eye over rental properties and real estate walkable to downtown Princeton, we invite you to comment on a local listing. You can find previous entries here and here. This is a 1-bed, 1-ba … Continue reading

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Can Princeton Green Spaces Be Open To Everybody? Fill Out This Princeton Survey Today!

In Princeton, we have an incredible choice of large parks and open spaces to explore. We can thanks groups like Friends of Princeton Open Spaces for working to preserve these green spaces. But many of our large parks are not as … Continue reading

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Princeton Transit Study Suggests Streetcar Will Be Best Option For Dinky Upgrade

Nobody is going to go on the record about it yet, but it looks like a streetcar is going to emerge as the most attractive option from Princeton’s Alexander Street Transit Study.

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Remember When We Predicted Sub-$3 Gas Around Princeton? Well Here It Is.

Back in May, we wrote an article predicting that the price of gas would fall and potentially drop below the magic $3 / gallon barrier. This was based on observations about trends in global oil prices. We saw this as

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OnePrinceton: How Walkable Businesses Are Supporting Princeton Non-Profits

Live Local. Work Local. Shop Local. These are key principles of Walkable Princeton. And here is a way you can help local businesses and non-profits and it will cost you absolutely nothing: It’s called OnePrinceton. It’s like a regular debit … Continue reading

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Princeton Transit Task Force To Host Public Consultation This Saturday

Princeton University has already cut off the railroad track for the Dinky train line (see above), and allowed the old Dinky Station to fall apart in a farcical manner, but the town of Princeton is looking to the future. A … Continue reading

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Beautiful Walkable Princeton: Playmobil Pop-Up Store, Palmer Square

This post is part of a series where we celebrate the many beautiful and characterful sights of Princeton, NJ. You can find previous entries in this series here and here or by searching our site for ‘beautiful walkable Princeton’. Gigantic Playmobil personages recently appeared

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NY Times Column Slams Exclusionary Zoning of NJ Towns

Do you read the ‘New York Times’? If so, you might have noticed a recent column by Professor David Kirp titled ‘Here Comes The Neighborhood‘. Professor Kirp, who is an expert on how social policy impacts educational outcomes, criticizes suburban New … Continue reading

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Princeton Tweaks Increasingly-Popular Daytime ‘FreeB’ Transit Service

Back in June, we reported that Princeton’s FreeB shuttle was getting expanded service. The little free bus, which is intended to help Princeton residents get around town by transit, had suffered from low ridership in the past, and we hoped … Continue reading

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