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Princeton Needs At Least 900 Affordable Homes…But Where And How?

The Witherspoon-Jackson Neighbors’ Association heard last Saturday from affordable housing advocates, as the issue of Princeton’s housing imbalance came up once more. Surprisingly, Princeton has a number of income-restricted homes available to buy, but there have been no takers! Homes in … Continue reading

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Princeton Can Easily Gather More Money From The University…Here’s How.

This week, we are awaiting the announcement of a new agreement detailing the amount of financial support that Princeton University will contribute to Princeton’s municipal finances. The amount of money that Princeton University gives the town is a regular source of discussion … Continue reading

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The ‘New York Times’ Doubles Down On Walkable Suburban Places

The ‘New York Times’ has picked up on the growing demand for walkable paces with a pair of articles in less than a week. The first, ‘Suburbs Try to Prevent an Exodus as Young Adults Move to Cities and Stay‘, discusses the … Continue reading

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