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The Forgotten Story Of Princeton’s Abandoned Attempt To Pedestrianize Palmer Square

College towns that are considered the best in the nation have pedestrianized downtown areas. Every summer, Princeton closes streets around Palmer Square for events like Communiversity and Princeton JazzFeast- events that are wildly popular, and bring thousands of people into … Continue reading

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Lot Subdivision Part 2: The Future Of Princeton North

Many houses in the area formally known as ‘Princeton North‘ were built in the 1950s and 1960s. Compared to homes that are built today, they might be considered quite small and basic, but when they were built they answered a … Continue reading

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Princeton’s Beloved, Walkable WaWa Faces Its Final Semester.

It’s possible- no, likely- that there is no other store in Princeton that has enabled as many car-free shopping trips as the Alexander Street WaWa. For years, the WaWa has been the primary destination for students and locals looking for … Continue reading

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First Look: 255 Nassau Street ‘Plan B’.

Last year, a plan to redevelop the building at 255 Nassau Street in Princeton with apartments was shot down by the Princeton Zoning Board of Adjustment. But now, a new plan is plan is on the table, and this is … Continue reading

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Princeton House Prices Up 7% in 2013. Good Or Bad News?

Winter is a quiet time in the real estate market and a good point to take a look at how the market is working out. There’s a sense that the Princeton property market has been picking up in the last … Continue reading

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Princeton Is A Big Outlier On The ‘Car-Free College Grad Index’

Where do graduates from top-ranking colleges go to work after they finish school? New York, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco are popular destinations. In all these places, lots of people live without cars. Is that generally true of places … Continue reading

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New Organic Juice Bar To Open In Princeton’s Walkable Downtown

Downtown Princeton looks set to benefit from a new, walkable, independent small business in the coming months- and this one looks like something pretty special!

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Snow Makes A Princeton Commute By Rail Seem Much More Attractive

Yikes! Did everybody get home OK last night? That snow (sorry- ‘polar vortex’ will not be used around here as a synonym for normal winter weather) caused total cha0s yesterday, as car commuters got stuck in miles of jams. After … Continue reading

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Are Princeton’s Schools ‘Full To Bursting’? What Is To Be Done?

Are Princeton’s schools too crowded? Some local residents are complaining that classrooms are too full, and that Princeton therefore cannot accommodate any more families with kids. Further expansion in the school system is also argued to be unaffordable because of … Continue reading

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Walking Together

It’s MLK Day, Princeton. Click here and go make it special. Got to work? At least read this. Check out this great video of the “I have a dream” speech, posted at Planet Princeton.

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