The Greater Princeton: A Smart Growth Vision for the Princeton Region

Blatchford Development in Edmonton, Canada (Could be Princeton or West Windsor)

This post was submitted by a guest blogger.

Princeton and its surrounding communities are at a turning point and need to make critical decisions about how they want to grow. The affordable housing obligations now being determined will very likely require much more development, and there is a pressing housing shortage. Moreover, there is a retail and suburban office space apocalypse upon us. Do they want to continue encouraging business as usual auto-dependent sprawl? Or do they want to make strategically guided equitable smart growth development on public transit and create walkable sustainable lifestyles that people are seeking?

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Site Plan for New PFARS Ambulance Station at Witherspoon St and Valley Road in Princeton

Rendering of concept for new Princeton First Aid and Rescue Service amublance station at Valley Road in Princeton (click to expand)

On Wednesday evening, January 10, Princeton’s Site Plan Review Advisory Board will consider a plan for a new Princeton First Aid & Rescue ambulance station at Witherspoon Street and Valley Road. The plan to move PFARS from their current home at Clearview Ave to this site has been discussed since 2014. It is expected to cost $7.5 million. We obtained the site plans and rendering of the current concept from the Princeton Zoning Department (apologies for low quality of the pictures). The site is at the intersection of Continue reading

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10 Princeton Predictions for 2018

What changes are coming in Princeton in 2018? (click to expand)

The year 2017 saw some ‘interesting’ developments in Princeton, although everything local was kinda overshadowed by Trump. What about 2018? What does it have in store? Here are 10 predictions… remember, 6 of our predictions from last year turned out to be correct! (see bottom for proof!) Read on…and try to guess how many of our latest predictions will turn out to be right! Continue reading

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Princeton University Names Site For New Residential College

Proposed site for new Princeton University residential college. Via (click to expand)

Princeton University just released an update to their long-range campus planning exercise. As expected, the University is planning to add a new residential college, to accommodate an increase in undergraduate numbers of 10%. The site for the new college will be down-campus from Butler College, at Elm Drive and South Drive (next to the existing soccer field, see image above).  Continue reading

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How Princeton Could Fund New Affordable Housing

‘Carnevale Plaza’ on Nassau Street, under construction in March 2016. The complex includes 5 below-market-rate rentals. (click to expand)

A ruling is expected soon in the Mercer County affordable housing trial, which is likely to require Princeton to supply hundreds of new affordable homes. We already considered where the new homes might go. And recently, planners gave some clues about sites they are considering for housing. But how will the town pay for the new homes? And will it mean higher property taxes? Continue reading

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Planners Eye Seminary, Princeton Shopping Center As Sites For New Housing

Tennent Hall, Princeton Theological Seminary (click to expand)

Princeton’s Planning Board last week passed a Reexamination Report for the Community Masterplan. The report, which must be prepared regularly according to state law, contains a list of problems facing the community and what planning remedies will be used to address those problems. As could be expected, affordable housing and traffic are mentioned as issues facing the town of Princeton, and the report gives some insight into where planners are considering as potential sites for new housing. Continue reading

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Princeton’s NJ State Senator, Kip Bateman, Talks Priorities Ahead of Re-Election Bid

Incumbent NJ-16 State Senator Christopher ‘Kip’ Bateman (click to expand)

On November 7, voters in Princeton will elect two new representatives to the New Jersey State Assembly, and one Senator for the New Jersey State Senate. Princeton is in the competitive NJ-16 district, currently represented by State Senator Christopher ‘Kip’ Bateman (R), and State Assembly Reps Andrew Zwicker (D) and Jack Ciattarelli (R). We reached out to all the candidates for these positions, to try to find out about their goals, and their policies on housing and transportation. Unfortunately none of the Democratic candidates for State office (Andrew Zwicker, Roy Freiman, Laurie Poppe) responded to our requests for comment. Republican Assembly candidates Donna Simon and Jack Caliguire also declined to respond.  However, incumbent State Senator Kip Bateman did respond! Continue reading

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