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Princeton’s 2014 Democratic Party Candidates Discuss Walkable Living

Princeton is scheduled to elect two Council members this November. The Princeton Community Democratic Organization will meet Sunday March 30 to endorse candidates ahead of their Primary in June. We got in touch with the Democratic Party candidates ahead of this key … Continue reading

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Forty-One Residents In Six Downtown Princeton Apartments? We’re Not Surprised.

A recent fire at Princeton’s famous ‘House of Cupcakes’ on Witherspoon Street resulted in the evacuation of six nearby downtown apartments. Fortunately, there were no injuries to residents, although many commentators were surprised that the six apartments were home to … Continue reading

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Report: New Jersey Road Maintenance Costs Are The Highest In The Nation

Princeton is facing a bill of around $1 million for emergency road repairs after snow plows cut up roads this winter, leaving drivers facing a course of potholes. Meanwhile, a resurfacing project getting underway on Route 206 in Princeton is … Continue reading

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Somerville, NJ Now Has A Thriving Downtown Pedestrian Street. Could It Work In Princeton too?

Somerville, NJ just celebrated their 23rd Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade with a street festival that included a party at a ‘Guinness Tent’ on Division Street. What makes Division Street such a perfect venue for a community gathering like this?? … Continue reading

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Giant Rats Occupy Square In Front Of Princeton Town Hall To Protest Apartment Plan

Two giant rats have joined the protests against the redevelopment of Princeton’s old hospital as apartments. The 15ft-tall inflatable rodents were unveiled by demonstrators from a labor union. “Don’t ask me, I just blow up the rat,” was the response from … Continue reading

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Could a ‘Village’ of ‘Tiny Houses’ Open The Door To Greater Affordability in Princeton?

During the recent Princeton Environmental Film Festival, a documentary shed light on the ‘Tiny House’ movement, an ongoing trend for people to live in houses that are much smaller than usual. These homes, which are typically in the rage of … Continue reading

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Princeton U. Should Ask Some Serious Questions About Their Disappearing Professors

Professor Paul Krugman, recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics, and Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, has announced he is leaving Princeton. Writing in his New York Times column, … Continue reading

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Walkable Princeton Celebrates 1st Birthday, Looks To Future

Happy Birthday to us! Walkable Princeton has passed its first birthday. January 22, 2014 was the date when Walkable Princeton founder David Keddie published his original letter announcing “an advocacy group dedicated to calling for zoning reform that will allow … Continue reading

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