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Princeton’s Three Consolidations Leave Unfinished Business For 2014

As Princeton looks to a New Year, it also marks a landmark: one year as a consolidated municipality. New Jersey’s absurd number of self-governing municipalities (565 at the last count) reduced by one on Jan 1, 2013 when Princeton Borough … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution: Stop For Princeton School Crossing Guards

What is the most dangerous job in the Princeton area? Cop? Firefighter? More likely the title belongs to the humble school crossing guard. Every morning, these people step quite literally in harm’s way in an attempt to enforce safe routes … Continue reading

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Mixed-Use ‘Village’ In West Windsor Gets Go-Ahead

Realtors suggest that walkable housing is in great demand. Transit experts recommend higher density development near transit to prevent further road congestion. And now West Windsor has stepped up by approving a mixed-use development across the road from Princeton Junction … Continue reading

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Parking In Princeton Is Plentiful – Just Make It Predictable.

Is it hard to get parked in Princeton? Not really. There are plenty of parking spaces in Princeton. So why does our downtown become blocked with drivers trying to find parking spaces? It’s because we make parking chaotic and unpredictable.

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Free Parking Can’t Save Central Jersey Malls- Even On Black Friday

Cross posted at Strong Towns Network. On Black Friday- traditionally a day marked by a surge of post-Thanksgiving shopping- our friends at launched a nationwide appeal for members to send in photos of parking lots in their local areas. … Continue reading

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Princeton Community Housing Annual Report: Progress, But Much Work To Do.

Princeton Community Housing is the largest organization providing affordable housing in Princeton. Their 2012 Annual Report, titled ‘Celebration and Opportunity’ offers an insight into the operations of the non-profit, including detailed breakdowns of their different communities, and resident profiles. We … Continue reading

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‘The B Home’ And How We Build Houses In Princeton

What is a house? In Princeton, it’s typically a one/two story structure with a sloping roof and some ornamental shutters that don’t actually close (see also ‘The Princeton‘ model from stack ’em housing constructor, Toll Brothers). However, occasionally, an innovator … Continue reading

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