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Princeton University Issues Update On Goals Of Campus Plan

Last week, Princeton University released the first major update on the findings of its 2026 Campus Planning Exercise. The last Campus Plan led to a huge amount of development around the University grounds, including some highly-controversial projects such as the … Continue reading

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The Legacy Of Princeton University’s 2016 Campus Plan

In 2015, Princeton University is making a new Campus Plan, a process that will be of tremendous importance for shaping the future built environment around town. But what about the ‘Campus 2016‘ plan, which has guided University development since 2005? What have … Continue reading

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Coach USA Service Between Princeton And New Brunswick: Could Do Better

Princeton and New Brunswick are two anchors of the Central Jersey tech corridor. Both towns are substantial employment centers, and are connected by a chain of residential communities and shopping areas. It should be possible to run an efficient transit service … Continue reading

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Larini’s Site Should Be The Start Of A Princeton Transit Village

Princeton University has closed on the site of Larini’s Service Center, which for several decades ending this week has occupied the corner of Alexander Road and Faculty Road, providing automotive services to local residents. Philip Sean Curran at the ‘Princeton … Continue reading

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Which Princeton Transit Service Draws The Most Riders?

The recent announcement from NJ Transit that the Princeton-Plainsboro ‘HealthLine’ bus will be canceled has drawn local condemnation, and also some questions. How bad was the ridership for NJ Transit to cancel the service? Using recent ridership statistics from NJ Transit, … Continue reading

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Final Report Of Princeton Transit Task Force Recommends Streetcar Upgrade For Dinky Rail Line

A task force set up to consider upgrades to transit service along Alexander Street and University Place is set to present a final report to Princeton Council. Their ‘preferred alternative’ is a streetcar/light rail service operating on the existing Princeton Branch … Continue reading

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Remembering The Old Princeton Trolley

Any day now, the long-awaited report of the Princeton Alexander Street-University Place MOU Transit Task Force is due to be published. The Task Force was established to investigate opportunities for upgrading transit service along the key Alexander Street corridor leading … Continue reading

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Cancellation of Princeton-Plainsboro Bus Line Shows Challenges With Princeton Transit

This week, NJ Transit announced fare hikes and service cutbacks. Among all the bus lines in New Jersey, the only year-round daily service that is getting the chop is our #655 service between Princeton and Plainsboro. The #655 line was … Continue reading

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Marchetti’s Constant, And Transit Around Princeton

Most people in Princeton and Central Jersey would like to see better transit options. But in practice, the few transit options that we already have are not heavily used. Buses are driving around half-full, and the Dinky train is under-utilized. What … Continue reading

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I Saved A Gallon Of Gas On Princeton #Carfree Day. Here Are 5 Things I Learned…

Carf-ree Day 2014 has come and passed. Did you replace your car trip? I did, and by switching to a combination of bicycle/Dinky/NJ Transit train/bus/walking, I managed to save a full gallon of gas. Lifting a gallon of milk from … Continue reading

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