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Multiple Companies Are Interested In Operating Self-Driving Transit in Trenton

In late 2021, New Jersey Department of Transportation launched the ‘Trenton MOVES‘ program, which is intended to bring a “safe, equitable, affordable, sustainable, and efficient on-demand automated vehicle mobility systems in and beyond Trenton, NJ.” Simply put, the idea is … Continue reading

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Run The Princeton Dinky Train To Trenton

NJ Transit is reportedly considering options for upgrading service on the ‘Dinky’ rail line, which currently runs 2.7 miles from Princeton rail station on Alexander Street, to the main line station at Princeton Junction, in West Windsor. The study will … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Live In Trenton

The short answer is “white privilege”. I can afford Princeton, and Princeton is pretty awesome. But as an urbanist, I actually *want* to live in Trenton. It’s affordable, diverse, has a real sense of character and history, and great transit … Continue reading

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Inside The Town Of Princeton’s Affordable Housing Trial

One way to mark African American History Month, which began yesterday, is to attend the Fair Housing trial that is currently taking place at Mercer Superior Court in Trenton. The trial features attorneys representing five suburban Mercer County Towns (including … Continue reading

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‘Mill Hill Holiday House Tour’ Celebrates Diverse, Affordable, Historic Trenton Neighborhood

Last weekend was the Mill Hill Holiday House Tour. Now in its 50th year, the event allows members of the public into the homes of Mill Hill residents, offering a view of one of Trenton’s most interesting neighborhoods.

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How Big Is Princeton? And Where Is It Anyway?

OK, here’s a question: how many people live in Princeton? Easy- right? Well, not really…

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Marchetti’s Constant, And Transit Around Princeton

Most people in Princeton and Central Jersey would like to see better transit options.┬áBut in practice, the few transit options that we already have are not heavily used. Buses are driving around half-full, and the Dinky train is under-utilized. What … Continue reading

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Trenton Unveils Pretty Cool New Community Planning Website

The City of Trenton has unveiled an impressive website aimed at getting the input of residents into the latest update of the municipal Masterplan. Why would a broke city spend money on a fancy website about a mundane municipal matter- … Continue reading

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Does Mayor Lempert Really Think That Middle-Class Princeton Workers Should Live In Trenton??

Princeton is suffering an affordability crisis that has seen the town’s middle-class largely driven out in the face of high property prices and taxes. Even junior research staff at the University find it hard to justify the cost of living … Continue reading

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Who Is Redevelopment For?

Stephen Danley at nextcity.org makes a resonant point about the risk that redevelopment can pass local residents by. In his case, he wants to talk about….Camden. Have you ever spent any time in Camden? Are you familiar with its attractive … Continue reading

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