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Construction Shows Distance Between Old And New Princeton ‘Dinky’ Rail Stations

As construction continues on Princeton University’s new addition on Alexander Street, local residents can now see for themselves how far apart the new Princeton rail station will be from the old station at University Place. The relocation of the ‘Dinky’ … Continue reading

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Gourmet Burger Joint ’30 Burgers’ Opens In Princeton

A new gourmet burger joint has opened in Princeton. ’30 Burgers’ has arrived, bringing a wealth of burger choices to the space next to Labyrinth Books at 124-128 Nassau Street.

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Judge Upholds Princeton Zoning In Another Dinky Court Case

A judge has upheld local zoning that allows Princeton University to build an arts extension on the former Dinky right-of-way. The zoning had been challenged by local residents, with a view to halting construction of the University project. The judge’s … Continue reading

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Another Defeat For Princeton ‘Dinky’ Train Campaign Group

Princeton’s “Save The Dinky” group, who have been waging a legal campaign to reverse the relocation of the Princeton rail station, have suffered another court setback.

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Princeton U. Grad Students Issue Official Statement Demanding More Housing

Princeton University’s Graduate Student Council (GSG) have released an official statement calling on University authorities to step up the provision of housing for post-graduate students. The statement, which was approved May 14, argues that every graduate student affiliated with the … Continue reading

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Princeton Planning Board Approves Mixed-Use 255 Nassau Street Plan

The Princeton Planning Board voted last night to approve a mixed-use redevelopment at 255 Nassau Street, in Princeton’s East Nassau Street neighborhood.

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Princeton Can Easily Gather More Money From The University…Here’s How.

This week, we are awaiting the announcement of a new agreement detailing the amount of financial support that Princeton University will contribute to Princeton’s municipal finances. The amount of money that Princeton University gives the town is a regular source of discussion … Continue reading

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Princeton U. Should Ask Some Serious Questions About Their Disappearing Professors

Professor Paul Krugman, recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics, and Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, has announced he is leaving Princeton. Writing in his New York Times column, … Continue reading

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Can We Make More Space For People On Princeton’s Witherspoon Street?

Kevin Wilkes, Chair of the Alexander Street Task Force updated Princeton residents last Saturday about plans to revamp circulation and transit around the Dinky station and in downtown Princeton. Speaking at a meeting of Princeton Future at the public library, Wilkes … Continue reading

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Just Off Route 206, Princeton University’s Merwick-Stanworth Housing Rises

In addition to building a new roundabout and its ‘Arts and Transit’ complex, Princeton University has made major progress this winter with construction at its Merwick-Stanworth housing site.

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