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Why I Don’t Live In Trenton

The short answer is “white privilege”. I can afford Princeton, and Princeton is pretty awesome. But as an urbanist, I actually *want* to live in Trenton. It’s affordable, diverse, has a real sense of character and history, and great transit … Continue reading

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Princeton’s In-Town Living Scene Gets Profiled In ‘The New York Post’

“From College Town To Boom Town” – that’s the description of Princeton that ran earlier this week in the ‘New York Post’. This venerable news organ  took the time to profile our town, highlighting how downtown living has become a major … Continue reading

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Jersey’s “Star-Ledger” Picks Up On Demand For Walkable Living

New Jersey may be known as one of American’s original suburbs- but in recent years, walkable urban places have eclipsed car-dependent suburbia for many potential homeowners. Although sites like ‘NJ Future‘ and ‘Walkable Princeton’ have focused on the benefits of compact walkable living, … Continue reading

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Princeton No Longer The Biggest Town In Mid-Central Jersey

Check out this photo of Princeton and Mercer County from the 1920s. Princeton is the only town in the area. It appears as a dense cluster of buildings (imagine how walkable it must have been!!!!) surrounded on every side by … Continue reading

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