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Princeton Mayoral Candidates Talk Planning, Affordability

Princeton will elect a Mayor in the Election next Tuesday, November 8. Voters will choose between incumbent Liz Lempert (Democrat) and challenger Peter Marks (Republican). In their recent debate hosted by the League of Women Voters, the questions touched on … Continue reading

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Apartment Conversion Of MacLean Street Masonic Hall Approved After Marathon Meeting

Princeton’s Zoning Board of Adjustment has approved required variances for a planned conversion of the old Masonic Hall on MacLean Street. The building will now be converted to ten apartments, including a mix of studios and one- and two-bed units. The … Continue reading

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Princeton’s Mt Lucas Road Land Purchase: A Potentially Costly Deal

Princeton’s Democratic Council members are at loggerheads over a potential open space purchase off Mt Lucas Road. Proponents argue that the purchase is necessary to prevent development of 20.4 acres of land, and to provide a link between existing open space … Continue reading

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Challenging Segregation In Princeton And Mercer County

At this time of year, it’s worthwhile to think of how we can maintain the legacy of Martin Luther King by challenging segregation in Princeton and our local area. Sadly, despite past work and progress, we still live in a very segregated … Continue reading

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Home Prices In Princeton Jump 9% in 2015

The selling price of residential properties in Princeton leapt by 9% in 2015, and the average sales price was over $1 million. Those are two of the findings from an analysis of 2015 real estate data by ‘Sig and Syl’ at … Continue reading

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Princeton Named “USA’s Best Small City”. But Is It Really A City?

Princeton was named ‘Best Small City’ in an online survey this week, following on from another recent analysis that named it ‘Best College Town To Live In’. Although these online polls shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it’s great to have … Continue reading

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660 New Units* Needed For Princeton’s ‘Fair Share’ of NJ Affordable Housing Requirements

Princeton should create 660 new units of housing* for people of low and moderate incomes. That’s a conclusion of a new report that revises estimates of affordable housing requirements for each New Jersey municipality. Local municipalities including West Windsor and Hopewell … Continue reading

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Princeton’s Affordable Housing Task Force Checks In

At Princeton Council last week, Council President Bernie Miller presented an interim report on the work of the ‘Affordable Housing Task Force’. This task force was set up in September 2014, as the town was considering whether to use two … Continue reading

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Franklin Park Named On List Of “Most Affordable NJ Towns”

Last week NJ.com published a list of ‘most affordable’ places to live in New Jersey. The list included 10 towns that had the most affordable property, taking into account mortgage payments and property taxes as a proportion of household income. Only … Continue reading

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Does Affordable Housing Around Princeton Have To Come At The Expense Of Green Space?

New Jersey’s Council On Affordable Housing recently released updated figures for how many income-restricted homes should be provided in every municipality in the Garden State. Princeton was told that it didn’t need to build any new income-restricted housing, even though … Continue reading

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