Robbinsville Expanding Walkable ‘Town Center’ Development With New Apartments

Plan for 'Town Center South' development; developer's rendering via Times of Trenton. (Click to expand.)

Plan for ‘Town Center South’ development; developer’s rendering via Times of Trenton. (Click to expand.)

Robbinsville, NJ has approved a new 64-unit apartment complex to add to its ‘Town Center’ development.The original ‘Town Center’ was a mixed-use development, specifically designed so that residents could walk to stores and businesses. It included a mix of apartments, townhomes and houses at different price points, and won a ‘Smart Growth’ award from NJ Future in 2010.

Part of Robbinsville's 'Town Center' development, as seen via Google Streetview. (click to expand.)

Part of Robbinsville’s ‘Town Center’ development, as seen via Google Streetview. (click to expand.)

The new  apartments will be at the ‘Town Center South’ site, next to the original development. The homes will provide a further housing option for residents in Robbinsville, where the population has tripled in the last 20 years. Every day, 316 people commute to jobs in Princeton from their residences in Robbinsville, according to American Community Survey statistics. The township, which is 12 miles south of Princeton, has a high proportion of young families, and a median household income of $71,377. A new 20-acre park is also planned for the Town Center South development.

What do you think of the proposed development? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 Responses to Robbinsville Expanding Walkable ‘Town Center’ Development With New Apartments

  1. Andrew J. Besold says:

    The architecture is pretty lame but what else is new for Jersey. It’s a C+ at best.

  2. SFB says:

    Have to agree. This plan is almost indistinguishable from the AvalonBay apartments that are supposed to be built in Princeton, and very similar to the apartments proposed at 255 Nassau Street in Princeton. It’s as if there is only one available style of bleh generic-looking, beige crap available. Can you think of any examples of anything better? Personally, I like the new apartments opposite New Brunswick High School on 27, but I suspect they may be even more polarizing. Here’s a link- worth a click if only to laugh at the dreadful Photoshop job on the front page:

  3. Gus says:

    The present mayor and council is transforming a high end neighborhood into a hood! Crime is rising , medium income is falling and house values will drop! Thanks guys. Good work. No foresight whatsoever !

  4. sean says:

    I live in town center. I love the community for raising a family, however I’m very concerned about the south side. Apartments? Hotels? More traffic? I longed for a throwback style of living, a nice clean community with in walking distance to everything. Somewhere where you know your neighbors, not somewhere with renters, and overnight passer by. My taxes are too high, but id rather they went up to expand the schools and build a few more homes, or that sport complex. This new development is a nightmare. We have enough lofts, anything else is overkill. We have waited a long time for a good thing, don’t ruin it!

    • sean says:

      FYI, we don’t want something that draws others into town, we moved here to get away from strangers and outsiders, we like our tight knit community. We don’t need restaurants, we finally have one doing good in centro, after two or three failures. The rest of the business’s are finally starting to turn, some not even filled yet, why build more, put your Starbucks in one of the already vacant stores on the north side.

  5. JST says:

    These comments from residents of Robinsville are very interesting, and should be used to shed light on what sort of non-walkable car-dependent Urban Center is being proposed for Scotch Road in Hopewell.

  6. Misty says:

    If they’re going to put in apartments, that’s only a drag to the already crowded schools. Where is the active adult community to bring in residents who want to stay, but won’t overcrowd the schools? I love a walkable town, but Project Freedom residents don’t even have a grocery store anymore. A park at Town Center South is great, but we need a grocery store, too, and no apartments!

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