Walkable Princeton On TV!

David Keddie (left) interviewed by Michele Tuck-Ponder (middle) and Ingrid Reed on 'Reed and Ponder' (Click to expand, image from Princeton Community Television).

David Keddie (left) interviewed by Michele Tuck-Ponder (middle) and Ingrid Reed on ‘Reed and Ponder’ (Click to expand, image from Princeton Community Television).

‘Walkable Princeton’ has made it to the small screen on the “Reed and Ponder” show on Princeton Community Television! David Keddie, founder of Walkable Princeton, was interviewed by Ingrid Reed and Michele Tuck-Ponder as part of their regular show focusing on politics, policy and people. The show airs Friday night at 7 p.m. but you can view it online below.

This episode of ‘Reed and Ponder’ focused on enjoying the great outdoors, and how people can get outside more and enjoy the spring weather. Keddie explained how his interest in walkability came from living in the former Borough, where a mixture of uses and higher density of homes and stores makes for a lively, interesting place where it is easy to meet many needs on foot:

“One thing I loved about Princeton is how walkable it is…as a student I could just walk in any direction and just find amazing things….In the former Borough, you have everything that’s needed for a walkable lifestyle, a wonderful town with a sense of place and a sense of character..”

The show also focused on how Princeton’s more far-flung developments- such as Grigg’s Farm and Washington Oaks- present challenges to walkability because they are further away from activity centers. Former Township Mayor Michele Tuck-Ponder mentioned the challenges which came with retrofitting safe walking routes onto local roads like Route 206. The discussion also focused on how Walkable Princeton came into existence and how to make safe routes for kids to walk and cycle to school.

(David Keddie interview segment starts about 1 minute in.)

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2 Responses to Walkable Princeton On TV!

  1. David Keddie says:

    I was looking just the other day to see if the video had been posted, I’m glad to see it up!

  2. itmaybejj says:

    Very cool. And yay sharrows.

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