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Princeton No Longer The Biggest Town In Mid-Central Jersey

Check out this photo of Princeton and Mercer County from the 1920s. Princeton is the only town in the area. It appears as a dense cluster of buildings (imagine how walkable it must have been!!!!) surrounded on every side by … Continue reading

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New Jersey Drivers Give Walkers Reason To Be Fearful

Earlier this year the tragic death of Rabbi James Diamond shocked Princeton. Now, a string of dreadful accidents featuring New Jersey car drivers has us questioning whether our transportation choices are worth the cost in human life and injury.

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Guyot Stream Walkway at Jefferson Road, Princeton

This post is part of a series where we invite readers from our Facebook page to identify scenic and interesting locations around Princeton, NJ. You can find earlier entries here and here. One of the great things about Princeton is … Continue reading

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Shiller: Big Demand For Renting and Walkable Homes

If you want to get an idea about what way the housing market will play out in the coming years, you would be well advised to pay attention to the words of Robert J Shiller. Shiller is the author of … Continue reading

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Why Are Taxicabs So Expensive In Princeton?

A recent letter-writer to ‘Town Topics’ wrote of her experiences while visiting Princeton from England. Having stayed at a hotel on Route 206, just over the Princeton boundary, she was appalled when a taxi ride of 3 miles cost $28 … Continue reading

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Route 1 Growth Strategy Should Inform Princeton Development

What can be done about traffic in Princeton? Everyone has a theory, but what do the experts say? The New Jersey Department of Transportation in association with the Vorhees Transportation Center in the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University recently published a … Continue reading

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Is That A Good Deal?? ‘Europe In Princeton’

As part of an occasional series where we cast an eye over the Princeton, NJ rental and real estate market, we invite you to comment on a local listing that we have pulled more or less at random off Craigslist. … Continue reading

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Are ‘Playborhoods’ The Best Indicator Of Livable Communities?

When thinking about walkability and a livable neighborhood, several things let us know  when we’re getting it right. Are these things present in Princeton?

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Happy Hour Still On! Come inside!

OK the rain is a bit of a downer on our outdoor happy hour but we are still here in the main street bar and grill in princeton shopping center! come on in to the bar and find us!!!

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Promoting And Strengthening A Walkable Princeton

Tonight is a special moment for ‘Walkable Princeton’! For the first time (hopefully the first of many times!) our team will be getting together with local residents and members of the community to discuss walkability. We will be at Clocktower … Continue reading

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