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Renting in Princeton: How Much Should You Expect To Pay in 2019?

With a new school year starting, many people will be moving to Princeton. How much should you expect to pay for apartment rentals? We took a look through the listings to try to find out what the going rate is … Continue reading

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A Walk Around Princeton’s “Copperwood” Apartments

‘Copperwood’, a significant apartment development on Bunn Drive in Princeton, openedĀ at the end of the summer. As of now, most of the 153 units are still unoccupied, giving a good chance to take a walk around and see the new … Continue reading

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Homes For Diversity And Inclusivity Part 4: Allow Microapartments

Princeton planning and zoning has hadĀ unintended exclusionary outcomes, making it hard for local middle-class workers to live in town, and incentivizing car-dependency and traffic. In this series, we explore options for adding more walkable housing in Princeton to enable diversity … Continue reading

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