Town of Princeton Uses Picture of Abandoned Icelandic Village for Affordable Housing Department Webpage

Screenshot of Town of Princeton’s webpage for Affordable Housing Department. (click to expand)

The Town of Princeton recently launched a new municipal webpage. Interestingly, the Affordable Housing Department page features a picture of an abandoned village next to a remote, subarctic mountain range. It’s not clear what this has to do with affordable housing in Princeton. Presumably it is a stock photo that was left in as a placeholder by the web designer, but it’s an unfortunate choice after a judge ruled that the town needs to plan for hundreds of new affordable homes. At this time, town officials have released no information about where they plan to place these new homes, even though a decision is needed by June.

With some detective work, we managed to figure out that the image shows Vestrahorn Mountain, a volcanic outcrop on the Stokksnes Peninsula in eastern Iceland. According to Atlas Obscura, the abandoned village was built for an unreleased movie about Vikings, and is now a tourist attraction. Apparently it includes a large dungeon.

Update 3p.m. April 9 – the town has replaced the Viking Village photo with a picture of a regular house.

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