Site Plan For Senior Living Facility Next to Princeton Shopping Center

Rendering of assisted living facility proposed for North Harrison St and Terhune Road, Princeton (click to expand)

In the 1990s, a plan was submitted to build a senior living facility on the site next to Princeton Shopping Center, at the intersection of North Harrison St and Terhune Road. The plan drew opposition and nothing ever got built. The site is currently scrubby wasteland. But last year, ‘Sunrise Senior Living’ apparently started holding meetings with local neighbors to discuss a new plan, and subsequently filed detailed plans with the Zoning Office at Princeton City Hall. Electronic versions are not available, but we took some grainy photos, to show what the building might look like.

With 76 proposed units, the Sunrise senior living facility would be one of the largest developments in Princeton in recent years. The residences would be spread across two buildings. The first of the buildings, nearer to North Harrison St, would be two stories. It would be connected to the other, one-story building by a

Site plan for senior living facility at North Harrison Street and Terhune Road. (click to expand)

A path would lead from the complex down to the Princeton Shopping Center, which is right next door, but because the buildings are linked, it would not be easy for pedestrians from Terhune Road to cut through the site to access the mall. Cars would enter the site from the Terhune Road side, through two new curb cuts, to a surface parking lot. In terms of architecture, the buildings would look like this:

Renderings of proposed senior living complex (click to expand)

Traffic engineers retained by the developer do not anticipate a large increase in car trips in the areas from the new facility. About 19 vehicle movements would take place daily during the morning rush hour, and 37 trips in the evening rush hour.

Traffic study for new senior living facility (click to expand)

At this point, no date has been announced to the public about when the project will be judged by relevant town committees.

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