Judge Upholds Princeton Zoning In Another Dinky Court Case

The Dinky train at Princeton Junction station. (click to expand.)

The Dinky train at Princeton Junction station. (click to expand.)

A judge has upheld local zoning that allows Princeton University to build an arts extension on the former Dinky right-of-way. The zoning had been challenged by local residents, with a view to halting construction of the University project. The judge’s ruling is the latest in a string of setbacks for opponents of the Dinky relocation. Just three weeks ago, a federal board refused to intervene in the shortening of the Princeton branch line, in what was seen at the time as a mini-victory for the University.

This latest court victory for Princeton University had their attorney in high spirits. As quoted in the linked NJ.com article, he explained the significance of the case:

“This is a very significant win for the university in the ongoing litigation with the objectors who have filed multiple lawsuits challenging all aspects of the university arts and transit project,”

The case is likely to go to appeal.

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