Another Defeat For Princeton ‘Dinky’ Train Campaign Group

The Dinky train departing Princeton Station. (click to expand.)

The Dinky train departing Princeton Station. (click to expand.)

Princeton’s “Save The Dinky” group, who have been waging a legal campaign to reverse the relocation of the Princeton rail station, have suffered another court setback.

Princeton’s rail station was relocated last year as part of Princeton University’s plan to build an addition to their campus at University Place and Alexander Street. Work is now at a fairly advanced stage, with a new traffic layout featuring a roundabout opening earlier this year.

‘Save The Dinky’ have long opposed the move and even after the old station closed, they continued their battle to restore rail service to the station at University Place, which was  the terminus for decades. They asked the NJ Supreme Court to reconsider an earlier appellate court ruling on whether NJ Transit had the right to transfer the easement for the rail line to Princeton University.  But the Supreme Court declined to take up the case. The decision means there will be no Federal review of the transfer. (click through for the full story from Nicole Mulvaney, Time of Trenton.)

The latest decision is another mini-victory for Princeton University, who have yet to suffer a significant defeat in the ongoing legal challenges over the ‘Arts and Transit’ project. Two further cases from ‘Save The Dinky’ are still outstanding, challenging zoning and planning decisions made by Prineton municipal authorities.

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