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FreshDirect Now Offering Car-Free Groceries In Princeton

Whereas grocery shopping is regularly touted as a key reason for owning a car, we noted last year that there are many ways to get groceries home without driving. One of the ways we suggested was to take advantage of … Continue reading

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Princeton Carbon Footprint Confirms Sustainability Benefits Of Walkable Homes

An amazing new tool from the University of Berkeley, California has estimated carbon emissions from every zipcode area in the United States. The goal is to provide information to local government about how they can target efforts to reduce the … Continue reading

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Princeton To Get New Café On Nassau Street

If you like drinking coffee in Princeton, you are already pretty spoiled with Small World and Rojo’s Roastery, but your options are about to get even better! A new café looks set to open on Nassau Street, in Princeton’s walkable … Continue reading

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What To Do About Smashed ‘Stop For Pedestrians’ Pylon In Downtown Princeton?

Last year, Princeton installed new ‘Stop For Pedestrians’ signs on Chambers Street, just off Palmer Square in the historic downtown area. The signs were added at the request of a neighbor, who observed that car traffic tended to exceed the … Continue reading

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Princeton Battlefield Development Shows The Cost Of Opposing In-Town Density

Since about 1980, planners have recognized that compact, walkable development is the best way to foster livable towns, reduce car use, and protect green spaces. This way of planning is a self-conscious return to the layout of traditional towns- where … Continue reading

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Has Christie Undermined Princeton Transportation Planning?

Governor Christie finally found some enthusiasm for transit issues this week as he threw two of his highest-ranking aides ‘under the bus’. It was front page news as Jerseyans reacted with bemusement to Christie’s press conference in which he claimed … Continue reading

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How One Normal Family Gets By Without A Car And Saves Money

Need some inspiration to hop on two wheels? How about this amazing family from Buffalo, NY, who have lived without a car despite snow and a hectic schedule involving multiple kids?

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Is That A Good Deal? “Walk/Bike To Town”

As part of an occasional series where we cast an eye over walkable rentals and real estate in Princeton, we invite you to comment on a current, local listing. You can find previous entries here and here. A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is listed … Continue reading

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What Would Bus Rapid Transit Look Like?

Bus Rapid Transit has been a hot topic of conversation in the Princeton area for several years. But what would it actually look like?

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New Brunswick, NJ Is America’s “5th-Most Exciting Small City’. Why?

New Jersey is too often the target of sneers, but a recent survey of “America’s Most Exciting Small Cities’ showed two Garden State towns in the Top 5. In fact, Hoboken topped the whole list! Meanwhile at #5…New Brunswick. Seriously?

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