Support WWBPA Route 1 Bike-Walk Recommendations

Suggested NJDOT Rt 1 project

Suggested NJDOT Rt 1 project

New Jersey Department of Transportation has proposed a new plan to widen Route 1 with the objective of improving traffic flow past Princeton. Route 1 is already a major obstacle for cyclists commuting between West Windsor / Princeton Junction and Princeton.

West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance, which since 2006 has campaigned for safer bicycling and walking options, recently observed that the new NJDOT plan made no mention of infrastructure for cyclists or walkers. WWBPA made a series of recommendations that you can read on their website here.

A walkable, car-lite lifestyle is only possible if we allow the maximum range of transportation options, and enabling a joined-up regional network of cycling and walking paths is essential to give people the freedom to choose transportation options that don’t involve cars. Let’s join WWBPA in ensuring that NJDOT does not ignore walkable options if the new Route 1 project goes ahead.

WWBPA are also holding their Annual Meeting Thursday, March 14 at 7 p.m. at the West Windsor Municipal Building. If you live in the West Windsor area, consider going along! They will have two great speakers presenting and it will give you a chance to join forces with other advocates for a bikeable / walkable lifestyle.

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