Princeton Future Meeting Tomorrow!

princeton future march 16

Princeton Future is having an open meeting tomorrow, Saturday, March 16 in the Princeton Public Library. If you have never participated in a Princeton Future meeting, then you’re missing out. Princeton Future is a fantastic organization. Here is how they describe themselves:

We are a diverse, nonpartisan group of volunteers of Princeton Borough, Township and region. We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing our unique community and we share concerns about the directions future growth and development may take. We are wary of piecemeal, project-by-project development and, instead, seek broad community support for integrated solutions that balance the benefits of economic growth with the values of neighborhood identity, historic preservation, environmental sustainability, aesthetics and social equity. Through research, analysis, public meetings and other forums, we actively encourage respectful citizen dialogue that can bridge differences and create common community purpose.

At the open meetings, Princeton area residents can meet with local leaders, hear fantastic presentations about development in Princeton and even get to shape future policy. It’s fun, and informative.

This particular meeting is on the subject of ‘What Information and Input is Needed to Plan and Measure Progress?’ OK, so that sounds pretty dry on the surface, but ‘Information’ is essential before we try to do anything, or else we run the risk of perpetuating past planning mistakes. And ‘Input’ is the vital ingredient that makes a democratic society. If we residents can’t have input into planning decisions, then we have no hope of influencing our town. Anyway, I am confident this will be a great meeting…so try to get down to the library and join in!

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