Town Of Princeton Searching For Traffic Plan After Closing Terhune Road at US-206

Intersection of Terhune Road and US-206, which was recently closed off for construction of new Princeton First Aid and Rescue Service (PFARS) garage. (click to expand)

Traffic in Princeton from Terhune Road to State Road 206 has been permanently detoured to allow construction of a new garage for Princeton First Aid and Rescue Service (PFARS). The new PFARS station is being constructed at a site on Valley Road, directly opposite the Princeton Police Station. The town closed part of Terhune Road to allow construction of a parking lot for the new PFARS station. The new development has no suitable traffic plan, and Princeton Council recently voted to fund a new ‘corridor plan’ to ensure safe traffic flows around the new ambulance station.

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Princeton Planning Board Gives Final Approval To 17-Unit ‘Province Line Woods’ Development

Plan for proposed housing development at Province Line Road and Stout Lane, Princeton, NJ. (click to expand)

At their meeting on January 17, members of the Princeton Planning Board gave final approval to a 17-unit housing development to be built on the Princeton Ridge off Province Line Road. The ‘Province Line Woods’ application is the latest and final phase of construction of homes in this part of northwestern Princeton. The lot is bounded by Province Line Road to the west, Cherry Valley Road at the north, and the Leonard Court and Frederick Court subdivisions off Drakes Corner Road to the south. Each house will sit on a lot of approximately 1.5 acres. A very large area of forested land will be permanently preserved as a result of approval of the plan.

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A “Residential Street” Concept Plan for Wiggins Street in Princeton

Wiggins Street in Princeton, during a trial of experimental bike lanes in 2018 (click to expand)

Consultants hired by the town of Princeton have begun work on a ‘Corridor Study’ of Paul Robeson Place, Wiggins Street and Hamilton Avenue between Route 206 and North Harrison Street. The study aims to “examine traffic, safety, and mobility issues within the corridor, and examine potential improvements including pedestrian and school crossings, intersection improvements, traffic calming, on-street parking, and bicycle facilities.” What kind of changes to ‘the Wiggins Street Corridor’ could make it work better for the town and nearby residents? Continue reading

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Defeating Racism In Princeton Means Supporting More Affordable Housing

Last week, hundreds of Princeton residents gathered in Palmer Square to protest a planned demonstration by a group with ties to white supremacy. The counter-protests showed, in the words of Mayor Liz Lempert, that “Hatred has no home in Princeton”. How can we ensure that the message of inclusion gets translated into action? And why is it that although we say we are committed to being an inclusive town, the African American community in Princeton continues to shrink? Continue reading

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Expand Shuttle Bus Service To Ease Princeton Parking Crunch

Princeton’s FreeB shuttle buses: could they play a bigger role in a ‘park and ride’ program?

Princeton Council’s recent effort to modernize street parking in town is getting a lot of pushback from local merchants. Some business owners believe that the increased rates for street parking discourage people from visiting their stores, and they are planning to attend Princeton Council on Monday to make their “voice and opinion heard”. Council should mostly stick with the new street parking system, but explore more options with business owners to make parking easier for shoppers and employees.
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Ten Predictions for Princeton in 2019!

Happy New Year to everyone in Princeton, NJ!

It’s time for our annual attempt to guess what will happen in Princeton in the coming year! How many of these predictions do you think are likely? Read on, and don’t forget to check the end, where we review how many of our predictions for 2018 came true!  Continue reading

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Town of Princeton Heads Back To Court For Affordable Housing Mediation

Affordable Housing on Clay Street in Princeton. (click to expand)

A team of negotiators representing the town of Princeton is expected in court today amid ongoing discussions about how much affordable housing the town is required to build. Earlier this year, Princeton officials announced a plan to build 1,259 homes to satisfy state fair housing requirements. As we reported in the summer, however, the affordable housing plan had a number of issues that would likely make it unsatisfactory to Judge Mary Jacobson, who is overseeing all the housing cases in Mercer County. The town subsequently abandoned its proposed timeline for implementation of the housing plan, and municipal officials have said nothing since. What is going on? Continue reading

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