Judge Throws Out Princeton Planning Board Approval of Humbert Lane Townhomes

Planning approval has been canceled for three townhouses due to be constructed at this site on Humbert Place

A plan to construct three townhomes on Humbert Lane in Princeton appears to be dead after neighbors won a court case challenging its approval by the Princeton Planning Board. The so-called ‘Greenberg et al’ case relates to an application by ‘Simplify Living’ for a 3-unit townhouse development (discussed here). As reported in ‘Walkable Princeton’, neighboring residents were vehemently opposed to the proposal, which involves replacing one two-family home with three townhouses, arranged in a front-to-back split fronting onto Humbert Lane (map). The Planning Board ultimately approved the application, but that approval has now been overturned by the Mercer Superior Court. In addition to making it very hard for the applicant to return with a similar proposal, the ruling is likely to make it harder to build infill developments at many other sites in town.

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RB Homes Propose 10-Unit Inclusionary Apartment Building On ‘Lincoln Court’ in Downtown Princeton

Rendering of proposed new apartment building on Lincoln Court in Princeton

‘Tap Into Princeton’ reported last night that RB Homes, a local building firm operated by Roman and Daniel Barsky, has submitted an application to build a new apartment building on Lincoln Court in downtown Princeton. Lincoln Court is probably not a well-known address, but it’s the little dead-end street that connects to North Tulane Street, parallel with Spring Street, behind the old Triumph Brewing Co (map). As such, this is an extremely walkable site, mere footsteps from all the jobs and activity of central Princeton. The proposal is for a 10-unit apartment building, of which 2 units would be designated as below-market-rate ‘affordable’ homes.

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“Fancy Women Bike Ride” Comes To Palmer Square In Princeton, Sunday Sep 18, 2 PM.

A previous ‘Fancy Women Ride’, credit BikeItalia via Copenhagenize

Princeton’s first ever “Fancy Women Bike Ride” will take place this Sunday, September 22, setting off from Palmer Square at 2 p.m. The relaxed, 2-mile route aims to put the focus on women bike riders, and participants are encouraged to dress to impress. It’s not necessary to be all that fancy, however, and men are allowed to ride too (at the back!)

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Renting in Princeton: How Much Should You Expect To Pay in 2022?

Renting this trailer in the Littlebrook neighborhood in Princeton would cost $1,950 / month.

How much should you expect to pay for apartment rentals in Princeton? We took a look through the listings to try to find out what the going rate is for apartments in central Princeton in August 2022.  We last looked at Princeton rental rates two years ago, in August 2020 (link to article).

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Last Chance To Complete Princeton Master Plan Economic Development Survey

Advertisement for Princeton Master Plan Economic Development Survey, July 2022

If you haven’t taken the chance to complete the Princeton Economic Develeopment Survey, you should stop what you’re doing, go to this link (princetonsurvey.org), and fill it out now. This survey is part of the public outreach to rewrite the Princeton community Master Plan, the document that guides all development decisions in town. The Master Plan has not been substantially revised since 1996, therefore this is potentially a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help guide the future of Princeton. However, there are going to be other opportunities in the coming months, which fans of walkable living should be aware of.

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Bayard Lane Subdivision Approved, Despite Stormwater Concerns From Princeton Planning Board Members.

Revised layout of new 3-home subdivision off Bayard Lane. The rear yard of the unit on the left has a large bio-retention basin. The rear yards of the other two properties include an area of protected wetlands.

The Princeton Planning Board approved an application for a three-home subdivision off Bayard Lane (aka Route 206) at their meeting on July 7. The meeting was a continuation of a hearing that began in February, and represents the latest attempt to develop this site, after a 2016 plan for duplex homes was withdrawn amid widespread neighborhood opposition. Neighbors who spoke at the hearing in February were also concerned by the latest plan. The issue of stormwater was raised over and over again, with nearby residents fearful that new homes would bring flooding after heavy rains. 

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Momo Brothers Propose New Pizzeria, Apartments On Witherspoon Street in Princeton

The site at 70-74 Witherspoon St, as it exists currently in 2022 (image via Google Streetview)

Raoul and Carlo Momo, Princeton residents, and owners of restaurants including ‘Teresa Caffe‘ and ‘Eno Terra‘, have submitted an application to the town to redevelop the building that houses their ‘Terra Momo Bread Company’ on Witherspoon Street (map). The new building would be highly environmentally-sustainable, and would provide a new sit-down restaurant and homes at a highly-walkable location in downtown Princeton, but the proposal has already drawn criticism from preservationists who object to redevelopment of the existing building.

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Multiple Companies Are Interested In Operating Self-Driving Transit in Trenton

Self-driving delivery vehicle operated by Motional / Uber

In late 2021, New Jersey Department of Transportation launched the ‘Trenton MOVES‘ program, which is intended to bring a “safe, equitable, affordable, sustainable, and efficient on-demand automated vehicle mobility systems in and beyond Trenton, NJ.” Simply put, the idea is to have a fleet of self-driving taxis or transit shuttles that would complement the existing NJ Transit bus network, and extend high-quality transportation options to a city where many households have no access to a car. But does the technology even exist to provide self-driving transit? And would any companies be interested in serving a small city like Trenton? With the deadine for “expressions of interest” now past, we now know the answer. Yes, lots of companies are interested, and think it’s possible to operate self-driving taxis in Trenton.

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New ‘Concept Plan’ Presented For Proposed Linden Lane Townhomes

New design for proposed townhouse development at 39 Linden Lane, Princeton.

The would-be developer of a three-unit townhouse project at 39 Linden Lane has presented a new ‘concept plan’ to the Princeton Planning Board. The new concept comes after an earlier proposal raised several concerns from the Site Plan Review Advisory Board and Historic Preservation Office. The new design is intended to respond to these concerns, and provide improved management of stormwater.

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Princeton Planning Board Approves 125-unit ‘The Alice’ Apartment Development On Terhune Road

Newly-approved apartment development at North Harrison St and Terhune Rd in Princeton

On Tuesday night, the Princeton Planning Board approved another key part of the town’s affordable housing plan, a 125-unit mixed-income apartment community at the intersection of North Harrison St and Terhune Road. The development includes a number of advanced ecological features, improved bike and walking amenities, and community benefits including a new playground and a public dog park.

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