Site Plan And Details of Princeton Ridge ‘Lanwin’ Development Proposal

Boundaries of site for proposed new houses off Herrentown Road in Princeton. (click to expand)

The Lanwin Development corporation is proposing to build a new subdivision on the Princeton Ridge, which will be discussed in the Princeton Planning Board meeting tonight (March 7, 2019 – but may be continued to the meeting on April 4). The project site would be at the top of Bunn Drive on Herrontown Road, on what is currently a wooded site (see photo above). The site is across the road from the Stone Hill Church of Princeton. There are existing homes in the area, on Herrontown Lane, and to the north, the townhouse developments off Blue Spring Road in Montgomery Township. This is one of the most car-dependent parts of Princeton, with a walkscore of just 5 out of 100. Decades ago, former residents tried to farm this rocky area, and two derelict dwellings still stand on the land.  Continue reading

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Proposed Downzoning Would Block Construction of Many Traditional Princeton Homes

Homes on Leigh Avenue in Princeton. (click to expand, image via Google Maps)

Princeton Council will tonight hold a hearing on a revision to the town’s zoning code, to further restrict the types of houses that can be built in town. Based on a perception that there are too many large houses being built, members of Council are aiming to make it much harder for people with smaller-than-average plots of land to build bigger homes. The problem is that in this case, the proposed change would make it illegal to build many traditional Princeton homes. Continue reading

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Rat Protest At Under-Construction Gas Station In Princeton

Union protest at Witherspoon Street and Terhune Road, Princeton. (click to expand)

Demonstrators from a local labor union showed up at Witherspoon Street and Terhune Road in Princeton today, bringing their giant inflatable rats with them. Shouting “No Justice! No Peace!” and “Princeton is a Union Town”, the protestors waved placards at passers-by. The protest appears to be focused on the construction of a new gas station at the site, which is at the top of Witherspoon Street near the intersection of Mt Lucas Road, Cherry Hill Road and Route 206. Continue reading

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Concept Plan for New Princeton University Residential Colleges

View of new Princeton University Residential Colleges, via ‘Concept Plan’. (click to expand)

The Princeton Planning Board will tonight consider a concept plan, submitted by Princeton University, for two new student residential colleges at the interesection of South Drive and Elm Drive. We have known for several years that Princeton University wants to build two new residential colleges. In early 2018, the University revealed that Deborah Berke Partners would be the lead architects for the project. This is the first time that members of the public have been able to see what they have designed so far. Continue reading

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University: Princeton Bikeshare Program Used 673 Times Per Week

Zagster bikeshare bikes outside Princeton City Hall at 400 Witherspoon St. (click to expand)

In late 2014, Princeton University launched a shared bike program, which allows members to borrow a bicycle for a short time to cycle around town. The program uses bikes provided by Zagster, a company that operates bikeshare programs around the country. Anybody can become a member, for a one-time fee of $20, which allows unlimited rides of less than 2 hours duration with no additional cost. Over the years, the University has expanded the program so that there are now 125 bicycles available. The bikes can be borrowed and returned to any of 21 stations located around the wider Princeton region. But how often do people use them? The University provided statistics on usage to the town as part of a meeting that University President Chris Eisgruber held with town officials last week.

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Town Of Princeton Searching For Traffic Plan After Closing Terhune Road at US-206

Intersection of Terhune Road and US-206, which was recently closed off for construction of new Princeton First Aid and Rescue Service (PFARS) garage. (click to expand)

Traffic in Princeton from Terhune Road to State Road 206 has been permanently detoured to allow construction of a new garage for Princeton First Aid and Rescue Service (PFARS). The new PFARS station is being constructed at a site on Valley Road, directly opposite the Princeton Police Station. The town closed part of Terhune Road to allow construction of a parking lot for the new PFARS station. The new development has no suitable traffic plan, and Princeton Council recently voted to fund a new ‘corridor plan’ to ensure safe traffic flows around the new ambulance station.

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Princeton Planning Board Gives Final Approval To 17-Unit ‘Province Line Woods’ Development

Plan for proposed housing development at Province Line Road and Stout Lane, Princeton, NJ. (click to expand)

At their meeting on January 17, members of the Princeton Planning Board gave final approval to a 17-unit housing development to be built on the Princeton Ridge off Province Line Road. The ‘Province Line Woods’ application is the latest and final phase of construction of homes in this part of northwestern Princeton. The lot is bounded by Province Line Road to the west, Cherry Valley Road at the north, and the Leonard Court and Frederick Court subdivisions off Drakes Corner Road to the south. Each house will sit on a lot of approximately 1.5 acres. A very large area of forested land will be permanently preserved as a result of approval of the plan.

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