Princeton’s Spring Street Parking Deck to get $1 million+ in Repairs This Summer

The Spring Street Parking Deck, seen from Sylvia Beach Way

Princeton Council has approved $1.1 million in spending on repairs to the Spring Street parking deck. The contract for the work, which will be done by Maarv Waterproofing Inc, was approved through Resolution 23-174 at the Council meeting of May 8.

The Spring Street deck, which is the only multi-level parking garage operated by the town, requires repairs to concrete to enclose exposed rebar and seal the parking decks. Leaking water has been reported to cause paint damage to cars parked in the deck for extended periods of time. ADA improvements will be made at the same time, to facilitate accessibility of the elevators to people in wheelchairs.

The renovations will require up to 100 parking spaces at a time to be taken out of use, on a 24/7 basis. The contractors will work floor by floor, closing off parking spaces as required. Council Member Michelle Pirone Lambros expressed concern about the loss of the parking spaces, but noted that doing the work during the summer was probably the best possible time to do it. In recent months, the Spring Street deck has filled to capacity at peak times. The town makes parking in the deck free for all users for up to 1 hour. Staff at the Princeton Public Library can also park there for free, and library patrons can get validation for 2 hours of free parking.

The work is expected to be completed “before the holidays”.

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