Princeton Playgrounds Finally Reopening After Coronavirus Shutdown

The new “Maggie’s Playground” in Princeton. (click to expand)

Good news for kids (and parents!)…all of Princeton’s outdoor playgrounds will re-open this week. The playgrounds were closed on March 17, as a result of state restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus. Those restrictions were lifted as of last week, and playgrounds in neighboring communities, such as South Brunswick, have already re-opened. Now, after 16 weeks without access to the swings and slides, Princeton families will again have the option of using our many local playgrounds.

Princeton Recreation Department Director Ben Stentz, and Mayor Liz Lempert announced the following phased schedule for re-opening of local playgrounds:

  • Wednesday July 8: Mary Moss Playground, Pine St Park, Potts Park, Barbara Boggs Sigmund Park, Maggie’s Playground & Marquand Park.
  • Thursday July 9: Griggs, Harrison, Grover & Hilltop Park Playground.
  • Friday July 10: Barbara Smoyer Park, Greenway Meadows & Farmview Fields.

Among the parks that are re-opening is the new “Maggie’s Playground” on Spruce Street (pictured above). The playgrounds was extensively refurbished during the winter of 2019-2020, after the old equipment became unsafe.

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