‘Bon Appetit’ Kiosk Opens At Carnevale Plaza On Nassau Street

New ‘Bon Appetit’ food kiosk at Carnevale Plaza. (click to expand)

Bon Appetit‘, a mainstay of Princeton Shopping Center since 1967, opened a new outlet last Thursday at 255 Nassau Street (click here for map). The new Bon Appetit kiosk serves crepes, waffles, sandwiches and drinks. 

The kiosk is in a new plaza, constructed as part of the ‘Carnevale Plaza’ redevelopment. This project has taken a very long time to come to completion, with the original application being rejected by the town planning board after protests from neighbors. The current plan, which has now finally been built, was approved five years ago, in June 2014. The rest of the development includes apartments, including four affordable housing units, and a PNC bank. Several tables are available in the plaza where customers can eat.

Chalkboards display food items available at new ‘Bon Appetit’ kiosk in Princeton (click to expand)

Right now, the kiosk is only accepting cash, while they wait to get their credit card system working. Also: they were giving out free gelato on Sunday. Get it while it lasts!

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