New Sidewalk Commissioned On Shadybrook Lane In Princeton

New sidewalk under construction, Shadybrook Lane, Littlebrook neighborhood, Princeton (click to expand)

New sidewalk under construction, Shadybrook Lane, Littlebrook neighborhood, Princeton (click to expand)

A new sidewalk has been added to a section of Shadybrook Lane in Princeton’s Littlebrook neighborhood, and it’s a bit of an interesting case. Sidewalks in Princeton are usually added as part of specific road improvement or sewer upgrade projects. If the road is part of the municipal sidewalk masterplan, a new path is laid as part of the wider project. A sidewalk is being constructed on Valley Road right now, for example, as part of a big engineering project that will also see new sewer pipes put down. 

This new sidewalk on Shadybrook is different. The sidewalk is being laid at the commission of the neighboring property owner. The sidewalk on Shadybrook Lane used to run just a little past Poe Road heading east (see map here). With the new extension, it goes about a half-block further, on to the intersection with Gulick Road. The new path safely connects the house at 130 Shadybrook to the municipal sidewalk network. Residents can then go by foot to nearby parks, Littlebrook Elementary school, or even all the way downtown.

Clearly, the property owner sees great value in adding this sidewalk. It is well-known that sidewalks add to property values, and help houses sell more quickly. In the 1950s and 1960s, subdivisions in Princeton Township were often built without sidewalks. But in 2016, with increased interest in walkability, a sidewalk is often considered a desirable feature, if not essential. This sidewalk is being added as part of a luxury new-build construction, which is listed for sale at a cool $1.57 million.

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