Walkability Answers From Council Candidate Lance Liverman

Lance Liveryman

Incumbent Princeton Council member Lance Liveryman (click to expand).

On November 3, Princeton will elect two Council members. The candidates are incumbent Council Members Heather Howard and Lance Liverman (both Democrats), and challengers Kelly DiTosto and Lynn Lu Irving (Republican party). As in the last two election cycles, we asked the candidates some questions about walkable living in Princeton. Today, we are pleased to publish responses from Lance Liverman. Responses from Heather Howard are available here. We’ll be linking to responses from the other candidates as the week goes on. We are very grateful to them for engaging in this discussion and for running for office!

With 21,000 people driving into town each day to work, what should Princeton do to reduce vehicle-miles traveled and enable local living?

This question is very important. This is where wonderful planning and the providing of information is extremely valuable. The 21,000 thousand cars are for the most part using Princeton as a conduit to reach other locations. Many cars travel from our neighboring towns to office park destinations and transportation terminals (Princeton Jct.) to Rt 1 and beyond. I would continue to stress smart growth.

We need for businesses to be located, if possible, in walkable distances to neighborhoods. We need for all retail stores to be closer to our neighborhoods. We need better modes of public transportation. We need more frequent transportation trips. We need to educate the public to the benefits of working and living in the same area.

How can Princeton entice people out of their cars, as envisaged by the Princeton Circulation Plan?

Old habits are hard to break. Our residents have to want to substitute other means of transportation.

My approach would be to launch a program via our media outlets that will specifically detail the benefit of walking or biking . I would like to stress in the advertising the health benefit that would be gained. I would also like to stress the reduction of our carbon foot print. Less pollutants in the atmosphere. I know that I bike and walk because it simply makes me feel refreshed. I am also aware the parking situation in Princeton can be challenging and by walking; can eliminate a parking problem. I am convinced there is never a single solution to handle any complex problem.   I would solicit information from the public to give feedback on what approach would work the best.

Do you agree that allowing increased density of housing in Princeton is a useful approach to easing development pressure on remaining green spaces in the local region?

I do agree with increasing density in housing throughout many locations in Princeton. I don’t know if that will ease development pressure on remaining green spaces in the local region. I do know Princeton has been very diligent in acquiring green spaces and preserving our sensitive land areas.

What specific idea or policy is the thing that drives you most in seeking office?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain why I am running for Princeton council.

My first love is representing the residents. I simply love Princeton. As a Princetonian I am proud of Princeton. I want to continue to help provide safety to our community. I want my daughters to be raised in a town that values all people. The diversity of Princeton is a true gem. I want all children to be given a chance to succeed by providing a terrific education. I want all seniors to feel that they are valued by providing important and relevant programs and services. I want residents to know that Princeton cares and responds to their needs. I want to continue to invest in a sound infrastructure. It is important that policies are put in place to aid fiscally prudent spending. I will continue to monitor and reduce Princeton’s debt. I will continue to support the work that Corner House, Recreation Dept, Health Dept., Human Services, Police and Fire provide to our town.

(Note: ‘Walkable Princeton’ is not making an endorsement of any candidate. Responses from other candidates will be published this week.)

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