New Organic Juice Bar To Open In Princeton’s Walkable Downtown

Site of soon-to-come "Arlee's Raw Blends" on Nassau Street in Princeton. (click to expand.)

Site of soon-to-come “Arlee’s Raw Blends” on Nassau Street in Princeton. (click to expand.)

Downtown Princeton looks set to benefit from a new, walkable, independent small business in the coming months- and this one looks like something pretty special!“Arlee’s Raw Blends” is a juice bar- but that mere description seems to sell it short. Here is the back story:

“The inspiration for Arlee’s RAW BLENDS was Arlee, a new mother, who diligently prepared her own fresh juices daily for a 21 days cleanse. Arlee was amazed at the results – the weight loss was expected, but the new-found energy, rejuvenated complexion and natural glow were welcomed surprises.”

The new store, at 246 Nassau Street, is currently being fitted, with no opening date announced as yet- but surely some time this year! They will sell organic, cold-pressed, glass-bottled, locally-sourced, vegan blends of raw plant products. These include drinks labeled as ‘liquid vitamins’, and a series of ‘cleanse’ drinks, featuring a number of small-batch products including two different kale-based blends.

Sign in window of future Arlee's Raw Blends store. (click to expand.)

Sign in window of future Arlee’s Raw Blends store. (click to expand.)

In case you can’t make it to the store, Arlee’s will offer ‘juice memberships’, where for the cost of between $130 and $450 per month, you can get juice delivered to your doorstep! That’s two different car-free juices options: either through the walkable, bikeable downtown store, or through home delivery. ¬†Great job! We’ve gotta say, if there is anywhere in Jersey where people might want a $450/month organic juice membership, it’s got to be Princeton! And in future, if you’re feeling slightly greasy after a full-size Hoagie Haven meal- you’ll know where to go for detox!

Check it out yourself at or at their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Have you ever tried any of “Arlee’s Raw Blends”? Are you looking forward to the new store? And will this become a Princeton attraction like Bent Spoon, Small World or Halo Pub? Have your say in the comments section below!

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