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Princeton Set To Get New Spanish Deli

It looks like Princeton’s new Spanish cafe/ deli is all set to open! Despana Foods, which has operated a deli in Soho, NYC since 2006, is opening in Princeton! Do you like tapas? Chorizo and manchego cheese? Paella? Then this … Continue reading

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Protect The Grid And Our Trees

The beautiful trees that line our Princeton streets are frequently sliced in half to allow electricity wires to pass through. Carving out the middle of the tree canopy makes the tree take on the shape of the letter ‘Y’, and … Continue reading

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Are Bears Really A Threat To Princeton?

A few bears have been sighted in Princeton in the last couple of weeks and people are going a little bear-crazy! Yesterday, in an editorial apparently taken directly from ‘The Colbert Report‘, the Princeton Packet worried about the possibility of … Continue reading

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Princeton Offers Free Bike Training Event For Kids on Saturday

The weather in Princeton has been pretty much terrible recently with a month’s worth of rain falling in one week. Storms and possible tornadoes are following heavy rain showers, which followed  Tropical Storm Andrea. But the outlook is good for … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Hotels

It’s easy to criticize with the benefit of hindsight, but the decision of Trenton City Council in 2000 to finance the construction of a hotel in downtown Trenton really looks like a disaster. As explained in the linked article from … Continue reading

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Will An Expanded Timetable Make Princeton Love The FreeB?

Despite Princeton’s small population, there are a remarkable number of cars around, and surface parking lots are considered a near-sacred commodity in central areas that could be better used for homes or green spaces. A large part of this is … Continue reading

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One Last Ride From The Old Dinky Station

NJ Transit has issued a statement advising passengers using Princeton station (the ‘Dinky‘ terminus, on University Place) that the station will be closed for the next two weekends (June 15-16 and June 22-23). During this time, a temporary Dinky station will … Continue reading

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Princeton U. Should Think Big At Butler Site

As Princeton University recovers from the excitement and drama of Reunions and Commencement, another group of students quietly keeps on going. Princeton graduate students, who have been ostracized ever since Andrew West’s bizarre decision to build a graduate ghetto separate … Continue reading

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Princeton Realtors: People Want Walkable Housing.

A recent report from U.S.1 newspaper focused on how walkable housing is the hottest trend in Princeton-area real estate. After speaking to several local realtors, the authors noted, as we have pointed out previously, that housing close to stores and amenities is … Continue reading

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Princeton Dog Park: Where Should It Go?

Back in March of this year, we heard about Will Ratner, a 7th-grader at JW Middle School, who had launched a campaign to bring an off-leash dog park to Princeton. We had planned to follow up about this, but in … Continue reading

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