Bike Month Begins Today, Time For A New Helmet?

Amazing R2D2 helmet, creation of Jenn Hall, via

Amazing R2D2 helmet, creation of Jenn Hall, via

Welcome to May! This is Bike Month! Greater Mercer TMA have got a bunch of events planned to make cycling fun this month, and we’ll be promoting these more as the month goes on.

Cycling to work is a great way to keep fit, fight climate change, and experience the pleasure of spring. Philadelphia-native Jenn Hall has also designed an amazing helmet, which is sure to turn heads as you’re cycling past! Based on famous robot hero of the ‘Star Wars’ movie series, R2D2, Jenn designed and built this helmet using materials from around her home. She even made a step-by-step guide to making one yourself, which you can read by clicking here. Apparently Jenn was so pleased with the result that she even wore the helmet to bed!

R2D2 robot from 'Star Wars'.

R2D2 robot from ‘Star Wars’.

OK, so before you all write in, yes, this is technically a scooter helmet, and yes, modifying a helmet is potentially going to invalidate its warranty and render it less effective in the event of an accident. But if wearing an amusing helmet gives you one more way to express your individuality / inner-child, and that encourages you to hop on two wheels, then surely that is a good thing?! Although we are ‘Walkable’ Princeton, we are very much in favor of all alternative transportation possibilities that enable people to break free from the limitations of car-commuting and take advantage of a compact, walkable community. We hope that lots of you will use the month of May to dust off your bike and put it to good use!

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