10 Local Sites For Princeton Students To Walk To


The Waxwood, a former school for Princeton’s African-American kids, in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood

Princeton students are not well-known for venturing out to explore the town. Here is a real quotation from a Yelp review of Hunan Chinese Restaurant, which is on Witherspoon Street, a 6 minute walk north of Nassau Hall:

The drawback of Hunan is the location- it’s removed from the town so you have to venture north past the cemetery.

Venture north past the cemetery? Hmm, that’s not exactly Lewis and Clark. We were delighted to hear about an initiative, called ‘Princeton Community Walks‘, which seeks to get Princeton University students out of the University and exploring the local community. At Walkable Princeton, we wholly approve of more people getting out on foot and seeing the sites of our beautiful town. But what local sites do you think are a must-see for students escaping the ‘Orange Bubble‘? Here’s a quick list of sites that we thought might be worth a visit (in no particular order). Can you think of other essentials?

1. Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood
– explore the history of Princeton’s African-American community in the town’s most diverse neighborhood, and check out the new Robeson art center.
2. Mountain Lakes Park
– a huge, beautiful expanse of open space, right in Princeton, with the historic ice dam.
3. D&R Canal Trail
– explore the canal, a peaceful home for river birds and people to fish.
4. Conte’s Pizza
– a Princeton institution, hang out and enjoy some great pizza with the locals.
5. Princeton Shopping Center
– no good stores in Princeton? There are plenty at the shopping center, including wonderful McCaffreys.
6. Princeton Public Library
– the pride and joy of the town, an astonishing collection of books and other resources, in a fantastic, modern building.
7. Updike Farmstead
– explore the history of Princeton at this restored site, and take in the Princeton Battlefield at the same time.
8. Morven
– learn the key role of Princeton residents in the foundation of a nation.
9. Princeton Day School / Pond View Trail
– the Stony Brook watershed is a fragile ecological space that sustains Princeton and must be preserved for all our benefit. This trail includes a section of the Princeton Ridge, an environmental site of special interest.
10. Princeton High School
– Go Tigers!

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