Princeton Poet Writes about Nassau Street / Rt 27

Princeton-area poets don’t get enough press, so we were delighted to read the following untitled verse from Charles E Townsend, of Hickory Court, Princeton, in the ‘Town Topics’ this week:

Our Nassau Street is pure heaven,

And many a life does it leaven.

But it all falls apart

As it northward does start

And turns into Route 27.

Without wanting to over-interpret the poet’s meaning, we observe that Nassau Street certainly offers a more pleasant experience than Rt 27. The historic parts of Princeton around Nassau Street allow for a relatively dense concentration of housing right next to stores and restaurants. This has historically allowed for a vibrant downtown area. Rt 27, by contrast, has separation of housing and retail- a late 20th century mode of development that requires car use for every trip, leading to traffic and sprawl.

If you enjoy poetry and read this in time, you may want to check out the Lewis Center for the Arts, which is continuing its ‘Princeton Poetry Festival’ today at 2 p.m. in the Richardson Auditorium, Alexander Hall. It promises to be a feast of verse and culture.

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