New Jersey Needs More Walkable Homes


This link is from NJ Future, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible land use.

The author points out how demographic changes and a recognition that car-dependent lifestyles bring traffic and sprawl has resulted in a huge pent-up demand for walkable housing. However, as the author points out:

“Too many walkable urban projects are derailed by lack of zoning, lengthy approval processes and local resident opposition. The majority of those who oppose such projects are often the very residents who will benefit the most from increased walkable urbanism, and at no cost to themselves.

This is so true! In many cases, including here in Princeton, people have used the planning process to prevent smart growth developments that offer enormous benefit to the town. Walkable Princeton will continue to reach out to the Princeton community to inform about how development in the downtown core offers true environmental and economic sustainability.

Read more at:

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