“Fancy Women Bike Ride” Comes To Palmer Square In Princeton, Sunday Sep 18, 2 PM.

A previous ‘Fancy Women Ride’, credit BikeItalia via Copenhagenize

Princeton’s first ever “Fancy Women Bike Ride” will take place this Sunday, September 22, setting off from Palmer Square at 2 p.m. The relaxed, 2-mile route aims to put the focus on women bike riders, and participants are encouraged to dress to impress. It’s not necessary to be all that fancy, however, and men are allowed to ride too (at the back!)

With delightful weather predicted for Sunday afternoon, the “Fancy Women Ride” looks to be a great opportunity to tour the town on two wheels. Although Princeton has no shortage of Fancy Women, the original “Fancy Women Bike Ride” happened in Izmir, Turkey in 2013. The tour in Izmir now happens very year, and attracts up to 30,000 riders. Similar events happen in countries all over the world, aimed at demonstrating that the world of cycling belongs to women too, and you don’t have to wear special ‘bike clothes’ to ride.

At least two members of Princeton Council have apparently promised to join the event. For full details, see the flyer below!

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