Planning Board To Vote On New Princeton Univ. Residential Colleges

Rendering of proposed new Princeton University Residential Colleges #7 and #8. (click to expand)

The Princeton Planning Board will meet on Thursday night (October 17) to discuss what is likely to be one of the largest developments in town in the coming decade. Princeton University is proposing to build two new residential colleges, to allow an expansion in their undergraduate body. The new site plans suggest a modern look for the colleges, designed by Deborah Berke Partners, consistent with the ‘concept plant’ discussed earlier this year.

New renderings released as part of the site plan application before the Planning Board show the connections between the two new colleges. Situated on a 173 acre plot south of ¬†‘Poe Field’, the new colleges will allow 500 more students to attend Princeton University. Each of the two new colleges will provide 245,000 sq. ft of space, and will reach up to 7 levels (93 ft). Although 121 trees will have to be cut down to construct the new colleges, the University plans to plant 452 trees as a replacement.

Another view of the new Princeton University Residential Colleges. (click to expand)

The traffic effect of the proposed colleges is expected to be minimal, because undergraduates are not allowed to keep cars.

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