New Costco To Open Just Outside Princeton

Site of new Costco off Route 1 in Lawrence, NJ. (click to expand.)

Site of new Costco off Route 1 in Lawrence, NJ. (map via Google maps, click to expand.)

News just in via Brendan McGrath at the Times of Trenton: a new Costco is set to open in Lawrence Township just outside of Princeton. The proposed site is 4100 Quakerbrideg Road (see map above), which is right on the Lawrence/West Windsor border, about a mile south of the Princeton town line.The news is either great news for local shoppers, who will appreciate another discount chain  to help lower their bills. Or it’s more terrible news for local, walkable merchants, who will struggle to compete, and have steadily seen their business drain away to the car-dependent big box stores on Route 1.

Which is it? Let us now your thoughts in the comments section below.

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8 Responses to New Costco To Open Just Outside Princeton


    When is Costco opening?


    When is Costco plan on opening?

  3. ketti okean says:

    can’t wait til it opens

  4. Gary Davis says:

    Are you taking applications?

  5. A.H. says:

    It is horrific, simply because so many of the merchants in the area will find it difficult to compete. Their closures will reduce our quality of life; we lose the opportunity to deal with people who might care about the products they sell and we’ll rarely have the opportunity to have some personal contact. Perhaps this has more to do with the outrageous price manufacturers/distributors charge the average retailer. There is such an incredibly high profit margin that larger establishments can still live comfortably by charging less. Our humanity is constantly being challenged by lower prices. I don’t have a prescription plan, so, of course, I’ll visit Cotsco and get a MUCH lover price for the same product that I need to stay healthy. I’m glad but sad.

  6. Liz tazza says:

    What is the opening date and how much is membership fee

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