Tiny Houses In Real Life.

Minim House, via Boneyard Studios (click to expand).

Minim House, via Boneyard Studios (click to expand).

Princeton resident Anne Neumann wrote an article in the “Princeton Packet” last week singing the praises of ‘Tiny Houses’. Long-time ‘Walkable Prineton’ readers will remember that we have written about micro-apartments and the Tiny House movement several times in the past, and it’s great to see the concept get more exposure. But are Tiny Houses a realistic solution to urban housing problems, like those faced in Princeton?

Perhaps the best example of a ‘village’ of Tiny Houses is the Boneyard Studios in Washington DC. Located in a regular residential neighborhood, the cluster of tiny houses stands out because of their small size and unique character. The ‘village’ offers tours to interested people, and is a popular fixture in the neighborhood. Each house has unique features, such as the ‘Minim House’ shown above. The only thing they have in common is that they are quite small- some as small as 140 sq ft for the whole house! Click the link above to take a look at some of the other designs. If anything, these homes justify Ms Neumann’s enthusiasm about Tiny Houses.

Princeton used to build tiny houses too- such as those at Butler Apartments and at Franklin Terrace. Here, small homes were built in the 1930s-1940s specifically to cater to affordable housing needs. We don’t build many tiny houses any more. Perhaps we should.


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