State Of The Princeton Blogosphere In June 2013

What blogs are Princeton people reading?? (Image from

What blogs are Princeton people reading?? (Image from

In 7 days time, Google will close its ‘Reader‘ service, a mini-disaster for those who browse a lot of blogs. One columnist in the ‘New Yorker’ described the end of Reader as “like hearing that your favorite old bookstore is closing down“. Subscriber numbers within Reader’s ‘Feed Discovery’ are an indication of the popularity of any blog (for example, ‘The Huffington Post‘ has 206,478 subscribers). As this data will disappear in one week’s time, here is a ‘Top 10’ list of Princeton area blogs*, ordered by the number of Google Reader subscribers:

The Top 10 Princeton Blogs Are...

10. Walkable Princeton / 4 Google Reader subscribers, 4.9 posts per week

Fresh on the scene, Walkable Princeton is your go-to source for policy musings with the goal of promoting a livable, walkable Princeton! Over 1,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook, and a regularly-updated blog. If you haven’t already done so, consider signing up for our email update (link on right side of blog homepage), or add us to your bookmarks bar!

9. Not In Our Town – Princeton / 6 subscribers, 2.6 posts per week

Not In Our Town is a fantastic local group campaigning to end racism and prejudice in Princeton.

8. Princeton Scoop / 7 subscribers, 1.2 posts per week

Self-styled ‘cultural ambassador for Princeton’, Princeton Scoop offers info on ‘deals, steals and happenings’ and also runs a popular weekly email newsletter.

7. Princeton Public Library Blog / 7 subscribers, 2.3 posts per week

All the latest news, services and book reviews from our fantastic Public Library!

6. / 10 subscribers, 109.4 posts per week

The online side of the ‘Princeton Packet’ and associated newspapers. Despite a refresh of the homepage, the website is still a bit clunky and content is locked behind a paywall after 30 days, but this provides all the latest from the long-running Princeton newspaper of record. Check it out– 109 posts per week!

5. Princeton Nature Notes / 20 subscribers, 4.2 posts per week

Steve Hiltner is a local naturalist and environmentalist who runs something of a blog mini-empire with ‘Princeton Nature Notes’, ‘Princeton Primer‘ and his energy-saving ‘Frugaline‘ blog. ‘Princeton Nature Notes’ is his best and most popular blog, offering thoughts and information on local plant and animal life, with an easy style and enthusiasm that brings to mind Robert Frost.

4. Princeton Comment / 23 subscribers, 5.8 posts per week

Run by local journalist and artist Barbara Figge Fox, ‘Princeton Comment’ is a long-running blog offering thoughts on Princeton people, events and the arts scene.

3. / 34 subscribers, 147.9 posts per week

The online home of ‘The Times Of Trenton’ and associated newspapers, offers a wealth of content from the local area and around the state. Local reporter Jon Offredo is a machine, pumping out stories at a fierce rate. His summary of the recent public meeting about redevelopment of the old hospital site appeared, fully-formed, with several quotes from local people, just 23 minutes after the meeting ended. Readers of a delicate disposition may want to skip the online commentary ‘below the line’ on There are some pretty ‘robust’ exchanges on there, which reveal the worst aspects of human nature.

2. Princeton Patch / 48 subscribers, 34.3 posts per week

Greta Cuyler does a great job bringing a steady stream of Princeton news to her page. Patch’s recent re-design has also made the site more collaborative by making it easier for readers to submit content (with the apparent objective of making every commenter the author of their own mini-blog). Judging by all the adverts, this may even be that rarest of things- a blog that actually makes money for the owners!

1. Planet Princeton / 72 Reader subscribers, 11.7 posts per week

It’s an ‘online news source’ not a blog!!! Whatever you call it, Krystall Knapp has, with no outside help, built a dedicated following with Planet Princeton, which attracts more Google Reader subscribers than any other feed. Occasionally Krystall scoops all the major news sources with her local reporting, and if there’s a big storm or a bear on the loose, this is often the first place that Princeton people go for real-time updates!

Honorable Mention…

I Grew Up In Princeton

– Not a blog, it’s a Facebook ‘Open Group’, which nonetheless sees a lot of activity from people who- yes- grew up in Princeton. Often, these Princeton people post a lot of interesting comment about historical aspects of Princeton life and history.

Princeton Tour Company Blog

– Mimi Omiecinski, owner of the ‘Princeton Tour Company’ updates her very enthusiastic blog regularly, but for some reason, a feed is not available in Reader.

Princeton Housewarming 

– Thoughts on local shopping, art and environmental issues from a local resident

Princeton Joint Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee Blog

– Pedestrian and cycling content.

Princeton Found

– Events and happenings in Princeton. Not updated since November 2012.

And on the Princeton University Side…

A. Daily Princetonian / 543 subscribers, 29.2 posts per week during semester

The long-running and popular student newspaper. In terms of Google Reader subscribers, its is by far the most popular Princeton-area blog feed.

B. The Ink – University Press Club / 123 subscribers, 0.7 posts per week

Not much in the way of ‘quantity’, but The Ink’s content is usually interesting and well-written when it shows up.

C. Princeton FML – 51 subscribers / 48.8 posts per week

If you want to know what’s bugging other students, check this out. If you are struggling to cope with campus life, then-seriously- read this and click here and don’t feel bad about it.

* What are your favorite Princeton blogs? Let us know in the comments! We realize that we may have missed your favorite blog or site. If so, please accept our apologies and let us know what we missed! Also feel free to complain about our methodology for how we put together the Top 10. We know it’s not perfect, but if you’ve got a better list, we’d be glad to read it!

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  1. DJK says:

    Our family blog has 85 subscribers on google reader… though we’re not about Princeton as such of course. I guess cute baby photos get you more subscribers than community news.

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