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Meet The New Jersey Guy Trying To Walk Across the USA!

Updated 6.5.13: We made some changes to this piece based on info from ‘J.P.’ in the comments section! Every now and again, you come across a story so bizarre that it takes you away from your daily work and makes … Continue reading

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Take Our Poll: Why Do Princeton Area People Not Cycle To Work?

National Bike Week is now over! Did you cycle to work last week? Don’t feel bad if the answer is ‘No’. In Princeton, not many people cycle to work. Why is that? We are trying to answer that question in … Continue reading

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Climate Change A Consequence Of Princeton Planning Decisions

This week we learned that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have broken 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. 97% of atmospheric scientists believe that this is likely the cause of rising global temperatures and … Continue reading

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Let Kids Walk And Bike To School Like In The Old Days

As this great video from Streetfilms shows, around 50% of kids used to walk or bike to school. And this wasn’t in the days of horses and carts– we’re talking about the 1960s– well within living memory! Things have changed. … Continue reading

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The Problem With Low-Density Housing, As Seen From Space

Last week, Google made available an astonishing resource, which enables us to review satellite imagery of anywhere in the US on an annual basis from 1984 through 2012. You can read about the project here. They were able to make … Continue reading

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Why Does Princeton U. Score So Badly On Walkscore?

How walkable is your college? One way to measure this is to use Walkscore, which attempts to quantify how walkable any location is by calculating its distance from stores, services, transit and other useful stuff. We previously tested Walkscore and … Continue reading

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Ten Easy Ways To Join In National Bike Week in Princeton!

In Princeton, not many of us use cycling as our primary means of getting around. ¬†For some of us, the trip seems too far, or too dangerous. Others are not steady enough on a bike to head out on the … Continue reading

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