How Far Is Too Far to Walk?


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When we think about walkability, how far is too far to walk? Obviously it depends on the person: some people like walking and will think nothing of a 30 minute walk to work. Other people may find walking difficult and anything more than a couple of blocks is too much.

For one group of New Jersey walkers, distances such as these are nothing! This coming Sunday, March 24, a group called the ‘Freewalkers’ will walk 12 miles from Trenton to Princeton! The route will be along the picturesque D&R canal trail. Incredibly, this 12-mile walk is just a warm-up! On Saturday, April 6, the same group is planning to walk 40 miles from Trenton along the canal to New Brunswick! Even that 40 mile walk is just one stage in a three-part effort to walk all the way from Trenton to New York City!

In association with the East Coast Greenway Alliance, a group of walkers are planning to complete the Cross Jersey Walking Challenge. The first stage is the walk on April 6 from Trenton to New Brunswick. The second stage is a mild, 12-mile stroll from New Brunswick to Iselin. Finally, ‘The Big Walk‘ on May 18 will see them attempt to march from Iselin all the way to Penn Station.

These guys are an inspiration to walkers everywhere, and we encourage you to click through the links and check out these events. George Washington, who marched his troops through the night from Trenton to Princeton to surprise the British in 1777, would surely be proud.

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