Should Princeton U. Students Live Off-Campus?

Holder Hall, Princeton University, one of many sites of campus housing for undergraduates (Image credit: Peter Dutton via Wikimedia Commons)

Holder Hall, Princeton University, one of many sites of campus housing for undergraduates (Image credit: Peter Dutton via Wikimedia Commons)

Should Princeton University undergraduates have an off-campus housing experience? That question is raised in a great piece by Steve Swanson in ‘The Daily Princetonian’  (‘Temporary Utopia’, read the full article here). Potentially, living in non-college housing would offer students a chance to gain valuable independence. Continue reading

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Will Princeton Build Bike Lanes? And If So, Where?


Hamilton Avenue project zone near North Harrison Street in Princeton. Note cyclist on sidewalk, an indication that cyclists do not find the street suitable for safe riding. (click to expand, via Google Streetview).

An interesting debate is underway in Princeton about whether the town should add bike lanes. Around a dozen people showed up to Council in January to support the introduction of an ordinance to repurpose on-street parking for bike lanes on part of Hamilton Avenue. Last night, about a dozen people spoke against the plan at a neighborhood meeting. But the opposition was not unanimous, and letters columns in local papers are filling up with arguments from both sides. Princeton Council is set to vote on the matter next Tuesday, February 24. They will have to weigh the costs and benefits, and consider their own policy on ‘Complete Streets‘.  Continue reading

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Should Princeton Save Or Tear Down This Historic Home?

31-33 Lytle Street Princeton, which faces the wrecking ball. (click to expand)

31-33 Lytle Street Princeton, which faces the wrecking ball. (click to expand)

It has period features, elegant styling, and is a short walk to Palmer Square, with all the attractions of downtown Princeton. This historic home, next to a park, has housed generations of Princeton residents in its cozy interior. It may need some TLC, but for the right buyer, this is an opportunity to be part of one of Princeton’s most famed neighborhoods. Does this sound like the kind of place where you’d like to live? Then you might be surprised to learn that the town of Princeton is buying the property at 31-33 Lytle Street…to tear it down! Continue reading

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Would You Let Your Kids Walk One Mile By Themselves In Princeton?


Can kids walk by themselves in a busy town? Maryland authorities say ‘no’.  (click to expand)

How would you feel about letting your children walk a mile around Princeton by themselves? Do you think it’s the sort of thing that would warrant Child Protective Services coming and threatening to take your kids? Continue reading

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Can A Restaurant Near Princeton Exist Without A Parking Lot?


Sweetgrass restaurant in Hopewell Borough. (click to expand)

If you’re ever in Hopewell Borough, a few miles outside of Princeton, you might happen upon this little neighborhood gem- Sweetgrass Restaurant, which opened last year at 9 East Broad Street. Continue reading

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Princeton Has Ten ‘Functionally Obsolete’ or ‘Structurally Deficient’ Bridges


Princeton Pike Bridge over Stony Brook is considered ‘functionally obsolete’. Ten bridges in Princeton are either functionally obsolete or ‘structurally deficient’. (click to expand.)

The dreadful state of New Jersey’s infrastructure was brought into renewed focus in January, when the NJ Department of Transportation issued an emergency close order on a road bridge on Amwell Road in Franklin Township. The bridge, which is 12 miles north of Princeton, was on a list of over 500 known ‘functionally obsolete’ or ‘structurally deficient’ bridges in New Jersey. Inspectors found that part of the bridge was physically buckling as trucks drove over it. How many deficient bridges are there in Princeton? Continue reading

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Franklin Park Named On List Of “Most Affordable NJ Towns”

Millkeepers House, Frankin Township. (click to expand).

Bridgetender’s Station, Blackwells Mills, Frankin Township. (click to expand).

Last week published a list of ‘most affordable’ places to live in New Jersey. The list included 10 towns that had the most affordable property, taking into account mortgage payments and property taxes as a proportion of household income. Only one town within an hour of Princeton made the list, and that town is…Franklin Park, in Somerset County. Continue reading

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