True Sustainability On Linden Lane In Princeton


Construction at 89 Linden Lane in Princeton. (click to expand)

Earlier this week, local architect Kirsten Thoft was awarded LEED-Platinum designation for her new home on Linden Lane. Linden Lane looks set to become the LEED capital of Princeton, because just up the street, another home is set to achieve LEED-Platinum status. At a ‘Behind the Drywall’ tour this weekend, we saw how one local resident has planned a truly sustainable home.

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New NRG Headquarters In West Windsor: Would It Be Truly ‘Ultra-Green’ If It Was In Trenton?

West Windsor specializes in single-use land planning and office parks like this, which contribute to car dependence and global warming. The new NRG headquarters looks to be more of the same. (click to expand.)

A typical West Windsor office park. (click to expand.) For a rendering of the proposed NRG HQ, see here.

This week, NRG Energy, Inc announced plans to build a new headquarters in Princeton. Actually, it’s at the Carnegie Center in West Windsor. But the bigger question is whether the new headquarters will live up to its billing as an ‘ultra-green’ development. The development is described as ‘carbon-neutral’, but this label ignores the impact of transportation. Is a building really ‘carbon-neutral’ if hundreds of people drive cars to it every day?

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A Walk Around Princeton’s “Copperwood” Apartments

Copperwood Apartments in Princeton. (Click to expand)

Copperwood Apartments in Princeton. (Click to expand)

‘Copperwood’, a significant apartment development on Bunn Drive in Princeton, opened at the end of the summer. As of now, most of the 153 units are still unoccupied, giving a good chance to take a walk around and see the new buildings.

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Princeton Community Lantern Walk, November 15, 2014


Participants in the 2014 Princeton Community Lantern Walk on Palmer Square. (click to expand)

Every year, the Waldorf School of Princeton organizes a “Lantern Walk” for its students and their families. The event is a continuation of a European tradition celebrating the life of St Martin, and also reflects worldwide ‘festivals of lights’ that take place in many cultures around this time of year. This year, the Waldorf School helped organize a Lantern Walk in downtown Princeton that was open to the whole Princeton Community. You can read all about it here. On Saturday night, around 200 people processed around Princeton carrying lanterns, through the University, Palmer Square, and other historic points of interest in the downtown. Click through the photos below for more details.

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Dear Princeton Walkability Advocates: Please Consider Applying For Municipal Committee Positions Now!

Princeton area residents at Communiversity 2012, via Princeton Arts Council

Now is the time to apply for municipal committee positions if you want to help make Princeton more walkable.

Do you want to see a more walkable Princeton? Do you think our streets are too dangerous for walkers and cyclists? Are you concerned about affordable housing? Have you ever considered what Princeton could do to stop Climate Change? If so, the town is offering an opportunity right now to do something about it… Continue reading

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How Big Is Princeton? And Where Is It Anyway?

Welcome to Princeton, NJ. And where is that exactly? (click to expand.)

Welcome to Princeton, NJ. Home of 400,000 people, according to some estimates. (click to expand.)

OK, here’s a question: how many people live in Princeton? Easy- right? Well, not really… Continue reading

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Princeton U. Launches Website To Get Feedback On Forward Strategic Plan

Screenshot from Princeton University's new strategic planning website. (click to expand).

Screenshot from Princeton University’s new strategic planning website. (click to expand).

Princeton University impacts our town more than any other institution, and in 2015, the University is seeking to create a new strategic plan to organize the next chapter in its history. The University has just set up a new website at this link, which aims to inform and involve stakeholders about the planning process. Continue reading

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