Report: US-1 To Be Widened By Princeton

Plan of road expansion project on Route 1 around Washington Road – Harrison Road. Image by US-1 Newspaper / Diccon Hyatt.

If you’re able to get a copy of ‘US-1 newspaper’ from your local newsstand (the June 21 edition), go to page 27. Diccon Hyatt has what looks like an important story about a plan from New Jersey Department of Transportation to widen Route 1 in West Windsor, around the intersections with Washington Road / Harrison Street (near the SRI/Sarnoff site). Several intersections and jughandles would also be expanded under the plan.

The full text of the story can be found here at Check it out for yourself. We have no extra information, but this seems like something that could have a big impact how people get around in the local area. Apparently the plan was “introduced to West Windsor authorities at a May 22 council meeting”.

Importantly, there are no details on any ‘Complete Streets’-type improvements to make it easier for people on bikes or walking to get across Route 1, for whom the highway presents a serious barrier. If that turns out to be true, it would be a major black mark against NJDOT, who made a commitment in 2009 to make roads safe for all users in all future engineering projects.

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1 Response to Report: US-1 To Be Widened By Princeton

  1. ckrueger99 says:

    My goodness, what a nightmare. I can only be thankful that it is possible to get to Princeton by train and avoid all this.

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