Save The Date: Walkable Princeton Happy Hour – August 19

Patio at Yankee Doodle Tap Room (image via Nassau Inn blog, click to expand).

Patio at Yankee Doodle Tap Room (image via Nassau Inn blog, click to expand).

Our next Walkable Princeton meetup will be Wednesday August 19. From 7 p.m., we will get together to discuss current news and opportunities for making Princeton more walkable for everyone! We’ll be returning to Yankee Doodle Tap Room, potentially taking advantage of the patio if weather and space permits!

There’s a lot happening in Princeton right now that affects walkable living. Some urgent topics to discuss include:

  • Affordable housing – the town probably has to build a lot more than had previously been planned. How much new housing should we aim for, and can it be focused in walkable and transit-accessible areas?
  • Transit study – Princeton commissioned a report that recommended upgrading the existing Dinky rail line with a streetcar. Is this the best way to promote transit-accessible living?
  • Bike masterplan – This fall, Princeton will be working with consultants to create a circulation plan, which aims to make it easier for people on bikes to safely get around the town. How can Princeton make room for safe bike facilities?
  • University campus plan – Princeton University has several pieces of land, including the Larini’s site and the Butler tract, which could be suitable locations for walkable or mixed-use development. How could they be used to make a more walkable Princeton?

Get together with the Walkable Princeton team and discuss these or any other issues! Look for our ‘Walkable Princeton’ clipboard at the Tap Room…feel free to email for further details at

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