Join us April 1 For A ‘National Walking Day’ Stroll In Central Princeton!

National Walking Day this year is April 1, 2015 - no joke! (click to expand)

National Walking Day this year is April 1, 2015 – no joke! (click to expand)

We are hosting a recreational walk on the morning of Wednesday April 1 in honor of ‘National Walking Day‘! The annual celebration of walking is designated by the American Heart Association, and is now in its ninth year. To get involved, we will walk from Hinds Plaza in downtown Princeton, through the Princeton University Campus to the new Dinky Station. The total walk time will be about 30 mins.

Full details are:

  • Date: Wednesday, April 1
  • Time: 8.00 a.m.
  • Place: Hinds Plaza (in front of Princeton Public Library)
  • Total Walk Time: 30 mins
  • What you need to bring: just yourself! And maybe a warm jacket!
  • Cost: free
  • Weather: Rain tonight, but it will dry up by morning and be sunny but cold!

Look forward to seeing some of you there! Maybe we’ll make it an annual event?Everyone of all ages is welcome including people in wheelchairs or strollers…By the way, we know it’s April Fools Day tomorrow, but this is definitely not a prank!

Find more info about National Walking Day from the American Heart Association website here!

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