Hightstown Eyes Form-Based Zoning Code To Revitalize Downtown

Historic Hightstown, NJ. (click to expand)

Historic Hightstown, NJ. (click to expand)

Hightstown, NJ has taken the first step toward a Masterplan amendment that aims to revitalize its historic downtown. The forward-thinking planning changes aim to preserve the character of the Borough while activating central commercial areas.

Highstown lies just 10 miles south-east of Princeton, and is well within commuting range of our town and Route 1 businesses. Visible on colonial-era maps of New Jersey, the Borough of Hightstown has fantastic history, and a truly beautiful, walkable downtown area with loads of charming old homes set in and around Peddie Lake. But Hightstown has struggled to retain a significant number of high-value business, despite long-standing efforts to create a vibrant downtown. A series of fiascos has presented unique challenges for the town, including a disastrous tax re-evaluation that sent property values into freefall, and the destruction of the town hall by Hurricane Irene.

The new plan seeks to get the town on the right track, with revised zoning in the downtown area aiming to attract businesses and visitors. A particular focus will be on art, consistent with plans to re develop the Hightstown Rug Mill as an artist community. Hightstown could quickly emerge as one of Central Jersey’s most interesting addresses.

Are you a fan of Hightstown? What issues do you think the Borough faces before it can successfully revitalize? Have your say in the comments below.

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