Time To Go Shovel The Sidewalk, Princeton!

Un-shoveled sidewalks make for a treacherous surface for walkers. (Click to expand.)

Un-shoveled sidewalks make for a treacherous surface for walkers. (Click to expand.)

It has stopped snowing! Time to go clear that sidewalk! Do you know how quickly you are supposed to clear your sidewalk according to municipal code? Interestingly, it depends on whether you live in the former Borough of Princeton or the old Township. 

Obviously, the best thing to do is get out there straight away and start shoveling. It’s not going to get any easier if the snow gets a chance to freeze onto the concrete. And you certainly don’t want to be the person whose sidewalk remains a skiddy death-trap for pedestrians after all your neighbors have removed snow from in front of their houses. If you have elderly neighbors, or neighbors who are out of town, you might choose to be an extra-good citizen and clear their sidewalk for them.

Following snowstorms in December, Princeton police issued advice to local residents reminding them to clear snow. Mostly sidewalks were cleared quickly, but enough remained coated with frozen snow to make walking unnecessarily hard and in some cases forcing pedestrians onto the road to avoid slipping. Although Princeton consolidated at the start of 2013, the old Borough and Townships ordinances are all still in effect until they are updated with consolidated policies. Former Borough residents are expected to shovel snow within 24hrs. Failure to clear snow in the former Borough is punishable by a ticket for the remarkably specific amount of $74.00. In the former Township, residents have 48hrs to clear snow.

If snow has frozen onto the sidewalk, that is not an excuse to do nothing! In this case, residents are required to spread sand, ashes or salt onto the snow to make it safe for pedestrians.

What do you think should be the new policy for snow shoveling in consolidated Princeton? Should residents have 24hrs or 48hrs to clear snow? Or should we continue with a different system depending on where people live? How good do you think Princeton residents are at clearing sidewalks? Is more enforcement required? Have your say in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Time To Go Shovel The Sidewalk, Princeton!

  1. Wow says:

    Haven’t ventured far yet today, but in December there were a lot of people shirking their responsibilities. It was really tough going. I really wish people would do their bit for the greater good and scrape the sidewalks and if they don’t then fines should be enforced.

    Some might say these rules are harsh on those who are physically unable to clear their sidewalks, but this is a responsibility that comes with home ownership: if you can’t do it yourself then you’re going to have to get help even if it means paying for it.

    One question I have is: on a street where sidewalks are present only on one side does the burden of responsibility fall only on the homeowner on that side? That seems that is a little unfair.

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