Greater Mercer TMA: Making Green Transport Happen!


We love Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association! They are the people who are actively working to find transportation solutions that work in Mercer and Ocean Counties. We definitely need all the help we can get to try to shift us from our current car-addiction to ways of getting around that are better for local traffic and better for the planet!

Sadly, we didn’t post early enough to promote GMTMA’s Open House, which was today (sorry!) They are looking for designers/printers to help publicize two key transit projects in the Princeton area. If that sounds like something you could lend a hand with, then please click this link to find out: how to get in touch with the organizers!

There are still several other ways you can support GMTMA:

1. Go to their Facebook page, and maybe give them a ‘like’ (we’ve already done this!

2. Go check out their website or their blog, where you can read the amusing adventures of the potato family, and their quest to use green transportation!

3. Get involved with ‘Walk and Bike to School Week‘, which is happening May 20-24.

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