Proposed Triumph Brewpub At Old Princeton Post Office: Images And Site Plans!

Rendering of proposed Triumph Brewpub on Palmer Square, seen from what is currently the back of the old Post Office (click to expand)

On July 13, the Princeton Planning Board will consider a plan to convert the old Princeton Post Office on Palmer Square into a new Triumph Brewpub. The site plan shows a rendering of the new bar. The entrance would be at the back / loading dock area of the old Post Office, with a glass porch welcoming guests. 

The new bar would be on 3 levels. On entering, customers could go up to the main level, or down to a subterranean drinking den known as the ‘basement bar’.

Cross-section of the proposed Triumph brewpub on Palmer Square. (click to expand)

The basement bar would have with space for 75 drinkers, and two large ‘communal tables’ in the middle.

Basement level bar (click to expand)

The first floor / main level would have a large dining area and a separate ‘mural room’, in which the famous historic/racist mural will be displayed. In general, the planned conversion goes to great lengths to try to preserve as much as possible from the existing structure. No patio drinking area is marked, so it is not clear that customers will be able to enjoy food or a beverage on the actual Palmer Square green.

First floor / main dining area of proposed brewpub (click to expand)Basement level bar (click to expand)

Up top, a small mezzanine area would provide further drinking / dining opportunities:

Mezzanine area plan (click to expand)

Here are some more renderings, in case you’re into this sort of thing…Bottoms up!

Note: apologies for low quality of images, they were literally taken using a phone at Princeton Planning Office and are provided to give the public a better idea of what is being discussed at the Planning Board meeting.

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